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At Lady Business HQ, we thrive on recommendations from friends and strangers alike. As Hugo award season gears up, it's especially helpful so we can collect recommendations and horde them like media dragons (pony dragons? dragon ponies?). Read more... )
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As everyone knows by now, we were pretty invested in the Hugo Awards this year, and are super excited they've been announced, featuring some of our favorite people. \o/

And now we promise to chill out about them until at least December 2014. ;)

2014 Hugo nominees and winners )

Did any of your favorites win? :D
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This year I filled out my first nomination ballot for the Hugo awards. As an SFF fan who also reads a lot of other genres, and isn’t 100% focused on reading and reviewing new SFF releases, I found myself hit with nominator panic – what the hell had I already read that was eligible and what the hell could I cram in that was eligible before nominations closed?

I found determining eligibility difficult – not because a work’s publication or release date wasn’t clearly marked somewhere but because there were a lot of fly leafs to open up hopefully, a lot of DVD covers to scan only to see the wrong date appear, and a lot of separate ‘Coming In 2013’ or ‘Best of 2012’ lists to hunt down on the internet in order to work out what could go on my nominations list. My house contains a lot of books and DVDs. My local library contains even more. I take in a lot of media over the course of a year that might fall into one of the Hugo categories throughout the year and (foolishly) I hadn't noted which year any of that media was initially released in.

I also couldn’t find one easy way to work out which media that I hadn’t got to yet, perhaps media I hadn’t even heard about yet, might be eligible for Hugos so that I could do a last dash media cram before nominations closed. Although I probably talked about wanting to read a lot of books when they were new out that doesn’t mean I always went straight off to read them (hahahaha) or that, as nominations drew ever closer, I remembered that their release date made them eligible for Hugos

So, I thought that this year I would get ahead in at least a couple of categories. I've gathered together some useful lists about 2013 SFF media to help me create a smarter, more informed nominations ballot next year. And I'm going to share them all with you just in case you also found yourself bashing in search terms and trying to weed through recommendation lists five days before this year's Hugo nominations closed. Please tell me I'm not the only unprepared fan out there!

First, I’ve searched the internet and gathered together as many lists as I can find of SFF books (largely novels) that have been published or are going to be published in 2013:


io9 - All the essential science fiction books coming in 2013

Sleeping with Monsters - Anticipating the first half and the second half of 2013

The Book Smugglers reflect on 2013 so far

Locus - 2013 releases up to May 2013 and June - Dec 2013

SF Signal's monthly round ups of forthcoming books for 2013

My Bookish Ways - July 2013 New Releases: SF/F/Horror

Tor - British Genre Fiction Hitlist

That’s a lot of books! Allow yourself a brief moment of excitement before you keel over under the weight of the volume.

I also wanted to drop links to all the major SFF publisher’s 2013 catalogues. I did find some of these catalogues but unfortunately the list I’ve included below is by no means exhaustive or complete. SFF publishers I am not a patient woman and sometimes it’s hard to find your output broken down by year. If you publish SFF and have a list of 2013 books somewhere on your site please help me out and drop a link to it in the comments section:

Books by publisher



Strange Chemistry

Angry Robot


* Bonus Orbit - Autumn 2013

Now, we come to lists for a couple of categories that mean a lot to me – long and short form drama. I love TV. I love film. There is more SFF in those mediums than Dr Who and Peter Jackson flicks:


io9 - The Ultimate Guide to this Summer's Science Fiction and Fantasy TV

io9 - The Ultimate Guide to this Fall's Science Fiction and Fantasy TV

Scifi Chick - New SFF TV shows This Fall


io9 - 77 Science Fiction and Fantasy movies to watch out for in 2013

What Culture - 44 unmissable Sci-fi & Fantasy Movies Still to Come in 2013

Movieweb - Sci-fi 2013

What I’d love to see is more personal recommendation lists of SFF media from 2013; lists by bloggers who are excited about new releases, especially if those lists include lots of media created by, or featuring, women. I basically want to know what you'd put on your own version of io9's Scifi That Could Change Your Life rec list for 2013. If you’ve created a list like that then please feel free to leave a link in the comments and I’ll drool over its contents before adding it into the post. This year, with your help, I will go into the Hugos as prepared as I can be without bankrupting myself. And maybe I'll take a few of you along for the ride?
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The Orange Prize is the International prize, with a long list made up entirely of novels from female writers and I enjoy reading about it every year. Last year I read as many long listed books as I could. This year, despite thinking that the judges had created a super powered exciting long list (theme parks, tigers, mermaids) and having five of the six short listed books in my house I’ve only read one book off the list.

It seems a shame to mark the first year of ladybusiness with an abscence of Orange Prize commentary, so I thought I’d share some links from other bloggers read through part of the long list. Some of them have been reading along for a few years and I always enjoy following their thoughts. Some are just having a go this year, like intrepid bookish adventurers. All have got plenty to say about this year's short-list

Short list


'Room' - Emma Donoghue

Eve’s Alexandria

Savidge Reads

Farm Lane Books

Paperback Reader

'The Memory of Love' - Aminatta Forna


'Grace Williams Says it Loud' - Emma Henderson

Savidge Reads

Iris on Books

'Great House' - Nicole Krauss


Savidge Reads

dovegreyreader scribbles

'The Tiger’s Wife' -Téa Obreht


Eve’s Alexandria

'Annabel' - Kathleen Winter

Bookgazing (the only one I’ve read so far so let's bang my post in here)


Savidge Reads

dovegreyreader scribbles

And the winner is: ‘The Tiger’s Wife’ - Téa Obreht


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