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I always go into Hugo voting with the best of intentions. I'm going to read all the things, view all the things, and not just get bogged down in the Novel category. 2017 is going to be different!

Yes. Well.

Appropriately for the Hugo Awards this optimistic view proved to be, as usual, pure fantasy. Still, I did pretty well for a lady with a long commute and limited data; particularly when it came to the Best Short Story category. I read four of the six stories nominated in this category for 2017. And what better way to get back into writing than to share all my thoughts with you?

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We're excited to announce that Lady Business is a finalist for the Hugo Awards! \o/ You can read the official finalist list here. Now: PARTY BREAK.

Viola Davis showered with confetti and then raising a glass of wine to the viewer in a celebratory toast

This is our second time as a finalist in the Best Fanzine category, and we're super thrilled to be here. To everyone who nominated us and our friends and supporters who read and recommend our work: thank you! We're so glad you enjoy our work and find us worthy of this award. You help make this project fun and rewarding and we appreciate you all so much!

gray and white cat laying under a blanket and hugging a teddy bear

Thanks to Worldcon 75 and the World Science Fiction Society for all their work to manage the Hugo Awards. Running the award is a massive undertaking, and it's done entirely by volunteers — fans! — and we are stoked to be a part of it.

For those new to Lady Business, we're a group of women and genderqueer people who write about media from an intersectional feminist perspective. You can learn more about our individual editors here. If you'd like a sampling of our posts in 2016, here is some of what we've done:

In conclusion:

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We're happy to welcome [personal profile] forestofglory to Lady Business to discuss the Hugos Awards and their history (and their future! Which you can influence!) with an award for Young Adult literature. Thanks, [personal profile] forestofglory!

I’m part of a committee helping to create new award for YA books to be given out at Worldcon (short for the World Science Fiction Convention) like a Hugo award. Currently the committee working on the award is running a survey to gather name suggestions. If you are interested in this we’d love for you to take the survey. It is online at The survey will remain open until November 15.

If you’ve been reading Lady Business you have probably heard about the Hugo awards – some of you even nominated Lady Business for the Best Fanzine Hugo last year. But for those of you not familiar with the awards, they are a big deal in SFF and one of the few awards people who don’t follow SFF closely have frequently heard of. The Hugos are given out every year at Worldcon and are voted on by the members of the World Science Fiction Society (WSFS). Read more... )
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It's just three weeks until nominations for The Hugo Awards close. With that in mind, I present my draft Best Novel ballot. There's still (barely) time to bury your faces in some of these great novels before nominations close and make your own decisions even harder. You're welcome!

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If you're planning to nominate for The Hugo Awards, drop into the comments and let me know what's on your draft novel ballot.
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February is such a short month. I swear, it just started yesterday and now we're almost at the end of it. Every year around this period in Hugo nominations I start to freak out that there is. Just. NOT. Enough. Time! Even though logically I know that I don't have to read and watch everything - hell, I don't even have to nominate in every category if I don't want to - I tend to kick into overdrive in February and start trying to guzzle down five books at a time. Trust that the next (and final) installment of The Little Rocket That Could is going to be epic.

Before I move on to talking about what I've read and watched, a quick public service announcement. This week I discovered that I'm eligible to vote in The Locus Awards, from the shortlists they've already created. Turns out, anyone can vote in The Locus Awards for free (although votes from subscribers to the magazine count as double). And they've got a YA category. The deadline for voting is April 15, 2016. Yeah, my reading is not slowing down anytime soon.

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If you're planning to nominate for The Hugo Awards you need to have your membership (supporting or otherwise) for MidAmeriCon II by now. Nominations for The Hugo Awards have opened. Hugo PINs are now apparently on their way out. This thing is really happening.

If you're anything like me, then you briefly freaked out when you saw the announcement that nominations had opened. THERE'S JUST NOT ENOUGH TIME - my brain screams until it calms the fuck down and remembers that I can nominate right up until March 31st. It's going to be OK, everyone.

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This year, after taking a short break from giving a fuck, I will be paying my dues and signing up to MidAmeriCon II so I can, once again, nominate and vote for the Hugo Awards. And, wow, do I have a lot of opinions this year. 2016 was a good year for science fiction and fantasy, and I'm eager to get loud about all the media that I think deserves attention.

Before I start shouting my mouth off, let me offer up a quick primer in case you don't know what the Hugo Awards are. Basically, they're public choice awards which recognise science fiction and fantasy media. The ability to nominate in these awards is open to anyone who can afford to pay for a supporting membership to MidAmeriCon II, 2016's World Science Fiction Convention. Once nominations close, and the shortlists for each category have been created, everyone with a supporting membership gets to vote on which nominees should emerge as victorious winners.

And when I say 'everyone' that means you! Yes, you can vote for your favs of 2015 to be recognised by this award. For more information, including what the categories are, and how to sign up for supporting membership before Jan 31st 2015, go to the WorldCon website or the Hugo Awards website.

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Today, Memory - the lady that comics built - explains the mysteries of the Hugo's Best Graphic Story category, and reveals ten award eligible comics she loves.

My name is Memory and I'm a vocal comics-lover.

This being the case, Jodie invited me to come by this week and talk to y’all about the Best Graphic Story category at the Hugo Awards. I want to say a bit about what qualifies for the award, how you (yes, you!) can nominate your favourite comics, and which 2014 releases I particularly recommend you check out.

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Still waiting for an invite to the short fiction party? Well let us dispense with the formalities, sweep you inside and get you the beverage of your choice!

Today, Short Business features blogger and short fiction enthusiast forestofglory who's keen to tell you all about her favourite short fiction of 2014. Whether you're planning to nominate short work for the Hugo Awards or just looking for a great story to read, let this post guide you through a variety of excellent options.

Red, white and blue short business logo

One of the best things about my participation in the Hugo Awards is that it has lead me to realize how much awesome SFF short fiction is being published. As I’ve become more aware of SFF short fiction as the number of authors and online magazines I follow has increased. I am now much more aware of new things that I want to read. This year I’ve read an impressive amount of short fiction. I’ve read about 85 works online and 4 anthologies, plus collections which included original work. Of course I still haven’t read anything like all the of short SFF work published this year. There is just so much!

Anyways, based on what I’ve read here are my favorite short works from 2014. I’ve divided them by length based on Hugo categories. If you have nominating privileges this year I hope you’ll consider nominating some of these stories. And even if you aren’t a World Con member I hope you’ll read and enjoy some of these works.

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At Lady Business HQ, we thrive on recommendations from friends and strangers alike. As Hugo award season gears up, it's especially helpful so we can collect recommendations and horde them like media dragons (pony dragons? dragon ponies?). Read more... )


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