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Down for a lot of words about killer robots, ladies, and feelings? Then please join me for bi-weekly recaps of The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

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Come watch a relative comics newb squee her way through some of the trailers from San Diego Comic-Con 2016. Gaze as she uses a month's supply of exclamation marks single post. Marvel as she unleashes an army of CAPS LOCKED characters.

And, y'know, watch the trailers as well.
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White, yellow and red book cover of Kameron Hurley's The Geek Feminist Revolution featuring an illustration of a llama

It's the start of July. I am trying to review Kameron Hurley's essay collection, The Geek Feminist Revolution. In my wisdom, I have decided an analysis of her essay, "I'll Make The Pancakes: On Opting In And Out of the Writing Game", would make a great entry point for my review. I reread it to remind myself of the piece's fundamental points:

The more women writers I read, from Margaret Atwood and Octavia Butler to Charlotte Perkins Gilman and Toni Morrison, the less alone I felt, and the more I began to see myself as part of something more.

It wasn't about one woman toiling against the universe. It was about all of us moving together, crying out into some black, inhospitable place that we would not be quiet, we would not go silently, we would not stop speaking, we would not give in.

It's hard to see the keyboard when you're trying not to cry.

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Quinn King and Rachel Goldberg lying on striped sun loungers

The first series of Lifetime's 2015 show, UnREAL is set in the brutal, claustrophobic world of Everlasting; a reality TV show styled on dating programs like The Bachelor. UnREAL's world exists on three planes: the backstage world of the crew; the on-camera world of staged Everlasting moments, and the "behind the scenes" (perpetually filmed) world of the Everlasting cast. On-camera and behind the scenes, a group of women compete for the attentions of Adam Cromwell; the wealthy, currently disgraced, heir to a the fortune of a British hotel magnate. Back-stage. the largely female crew vie to push these women, or "their girls" as they call them with a faint whiff of pimps, into creating drama that will send the show's ratings through the roof. Despite the private mansion, the helicopter rides, and the champagne laced dining experiences, the world of Everlasting is just as hard and savage as any dystopia you've seen on the big screen in the last few years.

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Today, we present a fantastic guest post about the newest "Super" show in town - Supergirl. Our guest poster, chaila, is a vidder, fangirl and heroine addict who has previously written posts for Lady Business about Wonder Woman, Sarah Connor and feminism in Pacific Rim. We love her words and are so excited to have her at the blog today.

Internet, like many of you, I have been waiting with bated breath for Supergirl, and now it's here and I'm so happy!

Supergirl flying

This is a squee post based on the first three episodes of Supergirl on CBS. It's probably risky to write a squee post after only three episodes of anything, but I'm going to do it anyway. Note that this is not a post about the ways it's not perfect, though of course it isn't. There has already been a lot of discussion about those things. This is a post about some of the choices the show is making and some of the things I appreciate the show trying to do. It's a post about the parts of Supergirl that make me really, really happy.

This post contains capslocks and gifs, because that is just how I feel about Supergirl!

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Silvia Moreno-Garcia is the author of Signal to Noise - one of Jodie's favourite books of 2015 so far. Today she joins us to talk about how Mexican soap operas have influenced her writing.

Periodically people ask me where I get my ideas, how my Mexican background influences my writing and the role of music in my life. And by periodically I mean only for the past few months because my debut novel Signal to Noise – about teenagers who learn to cast magic spells using vinyl records in 1980s Mexico City – came out this year and I’ve done some interviews on this topic.

Now when someone asks you to lists your influences and cultural background there’s a classy way to do it, which involves mentioning some of the great writers you read. And then there’s the dark underbelly of my childhood, the 1980s monster lurking under the bed: the intros to Mexican soap operas.

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