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As people were really positive about the last installment of Short Business being a bit bigger I thought I'd keep things up size wise this month. Below the cut I review thirteen stories, and lucky for you I had quite a few thoughts about most of them.

Includes stories from Automata Review, Hanging Garden Stories, Strange Horizons, Podcastle, Future Fire, Apex, Mythic Delirium, Fireside, Nature and Pseudopod )
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In February, I continued to deliberately search out heart-warming stories. In March I'm going to try to branch out a little into some darker stuff, but February was all about trying to reset my mental clock after the long retail-job filled months of December and January. And while I may not have read a lot of stories in February, I still found some sparkly, sparkly gems that made me eager to get writing this post.

Includes stories from Abyss & Apex, Clarkesworld, Fireside Magazine, Strange Horizons, and Uncanny Magazine. )
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Following a recent impassioned call for more short fiction reviewing, made by [ profile] ClowderofTwo, I'm trying to get back into regularly talking about the few pieces of short fiction I manage to read each month. Quality, not quantity is my battle cry! So, here's what I read in October:

Includes stories from Granta, FIYAH, Fireside, Uncanny, Luna Station Quarterly & Shimmer )
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"Walkdog" by Sofia Samatar deliberately skirts the boundaries of SFF. The story's narrator is writing a school paper about 'an animal called Walkdog', a folklore figure which steals children and takes them on eerie walks that may last for years. Not much is known about Walkdog (there isn't 'even a Wikipedia page') and it's unclear whether Walkdog actually exists by the time the story finishes. All that ambiguity, coupled with a light side of structural playfulness, makes "Walkdog" totally my jam.

Read more... )
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"2014,", I said in 2013 (pretty arrogantly, in hindsight) "is going to be the year where I stay on top of short fiction!"

Friends, this was a complete fabrication. I'm a rotten, dirty liar.

Like every year before this, the sheer scope of the short fiction landscape first bemused me and then overwhelmed me. I did the same thing I've done the last four years. I gave it a shot early in the year, determined and hopeful, with a few short stories and a few different anthologies. I tried to read the stories that people mentioned on Twitter or their blogs. I failed out of multiple pieces because I felt ignorant and/or I couldn't figure out what the piece was saying. Eventually I gave up, figuring I'd use award seasons to find short fiction to read — people are always tossing around recommendations during that time.

Same old, same old. Read more... )


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