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We're half way through the year and I have reviewed precisely two books here at Lady Business (along with a handful elsewhere). I guess that means it's time for a mid-year roundup of my bookish favs and fails, with bonus stats, to get somewhere approaching up to date. Thankfully I did the maths and this year has contained 100% less bookish fail than previous years so no need to break out gifs of horror.

Oh alright then, just the one. For fun.

Kirsten Stewart saying 'Suck It'

But really, it's been a very good year.

Books, Books, Books )

Stats )

So, tell me - how has your reading year been so far? Are you breaking out the horrified gifs or petting a clutch of bookish favs? Take the comments to let me know :)
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On one hand, I can't believe I let Ira suck me into the shitshow about three dudes who really hate themselves. On the other hand, I'm wondering why it took so long, because I'm weak, and also Misha Collins. Seriously, I love that guy. What an asshole.

I've spent May and June in a constant haze of Supernatural feelings: screeching, whimpering, and sobbing at my television. Suffice it to say my plans for getting all my Hugo reading done in these two month have been blammo'ed to Jupiter. But it never hurts to stop and reflect back on all your terrible life choices. Read more... )


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