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A banner for The Black Tapes with 'Do You Believe' written over tree silhouettes.

Black Tapes is a documentary podcast series sponsored by Pacific Northwest Stories that started off looking at interesting lives and... Kinda got stuck on their first topic; a paranormal researcher who doesn't believe in the paranormal. The series revolves around this researcher and his "black tapes", a collection of his unsolved cases.

... Or at least, that's in the in-universe explanation; in actuality it's a mockumentary-style horror podcast, following Alex Reagan, a journalist and podcast host, and Doctor Richard Strand, a paranormal researcher with his own institute that focuses on disproving what people claim to be paranormal phenomena, as they travel across America going over his Collection of Totally Unconnected Unsolved Cases. It's available to listen to on their website, and there are fan-made transcriptions available for those who prefer them.

I swear pretty much every podcast listener I know has recommended The Black Tapes to me at one point or another, and it's time for me to join the chorus.

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Charlotte, Lizzie, Lydia and Jane. /

Lizzie Bennet Diaries is a modern adaptation of Pride and Prejudice posted weekly on Youtube. The story is told primarily through vlogs posted by Lizzie, but over time the show has come to include vlogs posted by side characters, vlogs featuring the entire cast as well as several social media outlets such as Twitter. It's fascinating to watch the story be brought to light in a completely different way. For more basics about the story so far and how to get started, check out posts by Iris and Chachic, as well as Ana, before diving into the non-spoilery discussion Renay and Ana had about the series below. Read more... )


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