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I am sure I am meant to be having Deep Thoughts, friends, but honestly, I'm coming up on the end of the semester and I think I will leave those depths to Jodie and Ana for awhile. :D

Last week I completely lost my entire post and have not been able to dredge up the energy to recreate IT (spoiler: IT WAS AWESOME). I'm realizing how screwed I am academic-wise and I apparently have to register at a completely different campus for one class (CURSE YOU MATHEMATICS, MY NEMESIS). I received my final paper topic and have been staring at it in horror for about two weeks now...Ana, Jodie, if ever you have loved

In the manner of Christine de Pizan, you are to create a mini-City of Ladies. Identify two current negative stereotypes about women (don’t just assert; support). Then dispel each stereotype by presenting and discussing concrete examples of women who clearly do not conform to the stereotype. Like Christine’s, your examples may be drawn from a variety of mythological, fictional, or real sources.

I need to talk about two stereotypes and several fictional ladies that subvert them! If I had been asked this in January, I would have totally nailed this, but I have been hanging out in the pre-1700s and I'm burnt out. I AM SUDDENLY A BLANK SLATE THAT HAS NEVER EXPERIENCED AN AWESOME FEMALE CHARACTER. Fuck. My brain is tired. It's bad when you're looking forward to the mind-numbing drudgery of retail hell just to have a vacation from thinking. I wonder if I will get an A if I try to use Sailor Moon.

I have no excellent commentary for you this week, but what I do have is some awesome videos and trailers that I love and want to share.

Feminist Frequency is doing a series for Bitch Magazine over tropes. The self-definition of this project is Tropes vs. Women explores the reoccurring stories, themes and representations of women in Hollywood films and TV shows. There are two videos out so far, and I love them both. The first goes really well with Ana's essay, On Stories, Female Desire, & Manic Pixie Dream Girls.

Ana reviewed Anna and the French Kiss and I found this video, a review of the book by a man. Watch and feel warm and fuzzy inside.

The next thing...needs no explanation, I think. IT WILL ALL BECOME CLEAR. My thoughts have been circling around "FUCK TOM HARDY I WANT TO CLIMB ON YOU SO BAD" and "UNF". We're going to ignore that he doesn't sound like himself. :( CONCENTRATE ON THE SHOULDERS. *____*

Come September, be expecting a delicious co-review of this film from Jodie and me. HEARTS IN MY EYES.

Two more weeks of school! I CAN DO THIS. *fistpump*


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