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Cover of Nnedi Okorafor's book Lagoon showing a green illustrated sea scene with squid, sharks and a person at the bottom of the ocean surrounded by a spotlight

Today Jodie is joined by Meghan, from Medieval Bookworm, for a co-review of Nnedi Okorafor's Lagoon. Did this novel of aliens, squids and a magic closely tied to Lagos' oceans sink or swim with the ladies?

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'The Broken Kingdoms' is the second book in N K Jemisin's Inheritance Trilogy. While it takes place in the same world as 'The Thousand Kingdoms', 'The Broken Kingdoms' follows a completely different set of characters (although a few familiar faces make occasional appearances) and takes place ten years after the dramatic finale of the first novel. It can be read as a stand alone novel, but there's definitely a richness that comes from reading this book after 'The Thousand Kingdoms'.

Meghan from 'Medieval Bookworm' is the reason why I ended up reading the fantastic 'The Thousand Kingdoms' last year, so I was super excited when she agreed to co-review the second book in the trilogy with me. We get pretty spoiler happy in this post, letting out secrets about both 'The Thousand Kingdoms' and 'The Broken Kingdoms', just so you know : )

Jodie:So, let me try and briefly set the scene for anyone who hasn't read the book . The main character in 'The Broken Kingdoms' is Oree Shoth, a blind woman with the ability to see magic, as well as create her own magical oil paintings. In Oree's world, magic is reserved for gods, godlings (the children of gods) and the elite, so she hides her gift carefully, but her life is quickly disrupted by the suspicious scrutiny of the religious authorities called 'The Bright'. Oree has recently made the decision to shelter a mysterious, reticent man who seems bent on suicide and this will be important *winks*. Thoughts - go! )

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