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It's December: the end of the year and the time of 1000 recommendation lists. We thought we'd get in on the action with some sweet themed recs! Here are some of our favorite stories featuring siblings!

Theme for December 22: Favorite media about siblings


Snowspelled by Stephanie Burgis — This novella is just lovely and cosy. It features women with political power, a snowbound house party, and a cute romance. But I’m listing it here because one of the things I adored about it was the relationship between Cassandra the main character and her brother Jonathan. It's so sweet and supportive They don’t always understand each other's interests, but they are always there for each other.


Jade City by Fonda Lee is a story about magical gangs fighting for survival, but it's also a story about being part of the most intense magical family ever; the Kauls. I really liked the way the sibling dynamic between Lan and Hilo, and how family relationships shifted between Shae and Hilo after a big spoilery incident goes down. The Kaul siblings aren't always nice to each other, but they're always important to each other, and their brand of messed up loyalty strongly appealed to me.


I already talked about the Sarah Kuhn's Heroine Complex books a few days ago, but I'd be remiss not to mention them again here, because the third book, Heroine's Journey was just released this year, and it's all about sisters Bea and Evie Tanaka learning how to navigate their adult relationship, after years of Evie having to be more of a parental figure to Bea after their mother died and their father left. The way their relationship grows and changes, and faces true and difficult problems, is really lovely, and the resolution felt so true. All this is set against a backdrop of demons, superpowers, and being a young adult in San Francisco. As an older sister myself, I appreciated this story from the perspective of a younger sibling who's still figuring things out.


Look, I know everyone is all up on Frozen for talking about sisters, but Lilo and Stitch is the best Disney movie when it comes to sisterhood. Lilo and Nani’s relationship is beautiful and heartbreaking, and I can’t watch this movie without tearing up when Nani fights to keep Lilo with her. There is a lot that I love about this movie, but Lilo and Nani’s relationship holds a special place in my heart.


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