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It's December: the end of the year and the time of 1000 recommendation lists. We thought we'd get in on the action with some sweet themed recs! Enjoy these recs about pre-2018 media.

Theme for December 15: Media released before 2018 that you didn't get to until this year and loved


Castle Hangnail by Ursula Vernon. What a treasure. I have already yelled about that book in this space, but basically this is a gem of a middle-grade book that you’ll love if you love Eva Ibbotson. I have been responsible for at least five purchases of this book this calendar year, and three of those are me giving it as a gift for Christmas. I regret nothing.


Star Trek: The Next Generation (TNG) I’ve been slowly watching this show with my husband and it's been great! I love the hopeful future where humanity has overcome their differences and people work together to solve problems in space. The show does have problems -- like criminal underuse of it female characters. Also the show was aired before the current trend for serialization so there’s less long form story and character arcs than one would like. But even the bad episodes give us plenty to talk about.


And the Band Played On is over 30 years old and, to me, remains as vital a book as it was when it was released. Written by Randy Shilts, who was a reporter with the San Francisco Chronicle, it covers the early years of the AIDS epidemic. It follows doctors, researchers, activists, and politicians as they discovered the disease and all the factors that contributed into making it a global health crisis. While reading this book, there were several times I had to put it down and do something else because of how angry it made me, especially with regards to how Regan’s administration gutted the CDC’s budget and ignored the problem. While certain aspects of the book are outdated, particularly as it relates to Gaetan Dugas, I think it’s an incredibly important book and I’m glad I finally read it.


This year I read the first collected trade of Check, Please! by Ngozi Ukazu. This webcomic, about a university hockey team, was just as sweet as everyone said, and I don't know why I waited so long to read it. I love the whole team and their supportive dynamic. And, of course, I fell hard for Jack's strong, silent, insecure schtick, as well as his romance with Eric. I can't wait for the second volume (and yes, I know I could read it online, but I want a physical copy).


All Systems Red is probably the biggest one of these, because people have been telling me how great it was since it was first released and I still only just got around to it! It follows Murderbot, a robot with social anxiety, a hard drive full of TV dramas, and a day job protecting an exploratory mission on a Totally Safe Planet. (Obviously it all goes sideways.) I loved All Systems Red so much—Murderbot's narration was great and hilarious, and I loved watching them work through the ever increasing problems they had to deal with!

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I've been loving these rec lists. The only one I've read from this one is Check, Please - I've been thinking about getting the physical copy and this reminded me!


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