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Sidetracks is a collaborative project featuring various essays, videos, reviews, or other Internet content that we want to share with each other. All past and current links for the Sidetracks project can be found in our Sidetracks tag. For more links and commentary you can follow us on Twitter, Tumblr. You can also support us on Patreon.


1. The 2018 Eisner Award list is out - Marjorie Liu becomes the first woman to win the award for writers in its 30 year history. This is both a source of intense celebration (Marjorie Liu's work is awesome) and woe (30. damn. years.)

2. The first Dr Who trailer for Series 11 dropped at Comic-Con & I have no chill about it. Thirteen!

3. Also, see this statement from Chris Chibnall about efforts to increase diversity behind the scenes of Dr Who. [twitter.com profile] WhovianFeminism adds in some interesting stats about the writing team behind this series as well.

4. The Bletchley Circle (a much beloved by me, short run series about female code breakers turned detectives) is getting a spin-off revival featuring two of the original cast. I'm super hyped for this even though Alice Merren will not be a returning character (please, ask me about my Alice/Mille ship).

5. I'm really into the new Aquaman poster.

6. I've been thinking about finally trying the Queer Eye reboot so I found this interview with Skyler Jay about his time with the team interesting.

7. In Peterson's Complaint Laurie Penny unpicks the critical reception of Jordan Peterson's work. It baffles me that so many people take Peterson seriously so this was a useful read.


8. Romance author Suzanne Brockmann recently accepted a lifetime achievement award from the Romance Writers of America, and she gave a barnburner of a speech that pulls no punches on the importance of representation, the complicity of white women in upholding patriarchy, and the need for us to do better.

9. Australian comic Hannah Gadsby's show Nanette (available on Netflix) has been getting a ton of buzz, and deservedly so. After you've watched it, I recommend her interview with The Guardian about the show and a conversation between two other comics, Sara Schaefer and Sabrina Jales, about how the show affected them.

10. Yusef Cole wrote a really interesting article on the recent video game Cuphead, and the ways it falls back on racist tropes from animation of the 1930s.

11. I loved Brianna Coleman's piece on Persona 5 and how it soothed her soul in the America of 2017. Major, major spoilers, but it also serves as a stunning rec for a wonderful game.


12. Fran Wilde interviewed Emily Wilson about her translation of The Odyssey, and I love this interview, especially for Emily Wilson explaining the importance of individual words to a translation.

13. I thought this explanation for why fandom uses "!" to distinguish between different character types (which is a thing that I've done a thousand times without thinking about it) was kinda cool!

14. N.K. Jemisin is publishing a short story collection! I really like her short fiction, so this is gonna be great!


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