Jan. 29th, 2018

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Coming to The Bone Witch, an elaborate piece of YA epic fantasy, without having read any fantasy for quite some time, was refreshing. This take on the magical-girl-goes-big-time fantasy is pulling from non-North American cultures to flesh out the world and characters, which is sorely needed in fantasy, but there's plenty to find familiar. (Monarchies aren't extinct, don't worry.) The food the characters eat; their clothes and the industry behind those clothes; and the rules of court they have to follow were all excellent touches. It reminded me so much of the thoughtful, nuanced world building of Kate Elliott's fantasy that there was no way I wasn't going to fall hard for it. Someone get Rin Chupeco an adult fantasy trilogy and the word count to go with it so I can jam it all into my brain. Read more... )
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Hello friends! I have been challenged to write more posts that are short(er) and low(er)-stakes because I have a PROBLEM with writing 5K+ monsters that I get really hung up about and worked up over. So here is a quick list! IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER because thinking about order is against the point of this exercise STRAP IN HERE WE GO!

5-10 Things I Wish More People Would Read/Watch/Play )


So that was a quick hit! How'd I do? Got any recs of your own?


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