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Fanwork is awesome and sharing fanwork is even more awesome. Join us as we keymash and squee over our favorite fanwork, from fic (both written and podfic) to art to vids and meta and back again.

Recommendations included:
  • Agent Carter — meta (1)
  • Dragon Age — fancast (1)
  • The Great British Bake Off — vid (2)
  • The Legend of Korra — art (1)
  • Leverage — fic (1)
  • The Librarians — vid (1)
  • Miraculous Ladybug — art (1)
  • Scooby Doo — meta (1)
  • Supergirl — vid (2)


[FAN CAST] [Dragon Age: Inquisition] dragon age: inquisition mage fancast by [tumblr.com profile] viviennedefensesquad (Vivienne de Fer, Dorian Pavus, Solas)
This is an amazing fancast of all POC who look absolutely stunning and appropriate.


[META] [Agent Carter] Femflash February #3: Peggy/Millie by [tumblr.com profile] likecastle (161 words) (Peggy Carter/Millie from The Bletchley Circle)
If I had managed to watch Agent Carter yet you can bet I would be making so much crossover fanfic for The Bletchley Circle. So, I was very excited to randomly happen on this quick bit of meta about how Millie might have influenced Peggy Carter.

[META] [Scooby Doo] Untitled by [tumblr.com profile] nitewrighter (365 words) (Daphne Blake)
I never knew I wanted a school AU for Scooby Do but I just love this bit of AU Scooby Do meta. Especially as it recasts Daphne as an aggressive athletic whose only friend is an anxious 'High Society' stoner kid. A fun short thing for fans of investigative kids (so everyone who likes Veronica Mars and Gotham Academy).

[ART] [The Legend of Korra] Untitled by [tumblr.com profile] 2dshepard (Korra/Asami)
So cute! I like that there are two shots - one of each woman initiating contact. They look so happy and in love :)

[VID] [The Great British Bake Off] All Rise by [personal profile] odessie (2:40 minutes)
A very British video. It's based around a musical pun which may only be delightful to Britishers who grew up when I did but it's also a really lovely vid of this most quintessentially British program.

[VID] [The Great British Bake Off - Series 6] Cake To Bake by [livejournal.com profile] sync_slaying (3:06 minutes)
Can you tell I finally got around to watching some of 2015's Festivids? Three different people made vids for The Great British Bake Off this year which is astounding when you consider that it's just a cheerful show about amature bakers. This vid is just as adorable as you would expect it to be. The song choice is especially apt - even the most capable contestant is flummoxed by a particularly difficult Technical Challenge. It's just such a bubbly fun time, and I recommend it even if you didn't see any of Series 6.

Now, who's going to make the Nadia vid we all want?

[VID] [The Librarians] Long Live The Librarians by [personal profile] azarsuerte (5:31 minutes) (Full Cast)
A very emotional vid about joy, friendship and fighting battles. The song is almost too much but the vidder makes it work, creating a vision of the show that is both grander than its footage often is and a good reflection of how many feelings the show contains.

[VID] [Supergirl] Start As You Mean To Go On by [personal profile] usuallyhats (3:35 minutes) (Kara Danvers)
I don't have a lot of sensible thing to say about all the Supergirl vids that got made this year. They're all great and they made me remember why I love the show so much. There's at least one more I want to show you in a later installment of Fanwork Recs. This vid is one of the classiest Supergirl pieces I've seen so far. [personal profile] usuallyhats (http://shinyjenni.dreamwidth.org/) is, as everyone knows, a vidding genius and she's made something wonderful for this fandom.

My favourite sections are the bits that include footage from the robbery, when the song hits 'Start the drums…' (synchronised arm swings from the Davers sisters!) and the footage set to 'We've got to take up trouble, take up space…'. Such great lyrics match happening there! And the sequence about Kat and Kara's relationship is perfect. Really there's ton going on here, and this vid deserves multiple watches.

[VID] [Supergirl] Firestarter by [personal profile] violace (3:22 minutes) (Kara Danvers)
A real fistpump, loud pop video that celebrates Kara's joy when she can finally use her powers. I'd forgotten how great it is seeing the bullets bounce of her while she smiles at her invincibility <3 I especially like that this vid celebrates the nerdy, excitable side of Kara as well as her super-prowess.


[ART] [Miraculous Ladybug] Miraculous Ladybug by [twitter.com profile] renmarietta (Marinette) — I love Marinette's expression in this, she looks like she's about to head into an adventure! I think the colours and shading are lovely as well, especially the way the picture looks so unified? It makes me feel like she's about to run off into a sunrise and save the day.

[FIC] [Leverage] "i got cursed and turned into an animal and taken to the shelter and ended up getting adopted by someone who is really hot OH NO" AU by [tumblr.com profile] theladyragnell (2266 words) (Hardison, Eliot, Parker) — I don't know how there can be a fic that is pretty much perfectly in character for everyone involved when two thirds of the cast have been turned into housepets, but APPARENTLY THERE CAN BE. It's really cute and dorky, and it's going on my list of "fic to cheer me up."


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