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Welcome to Reflections, where we look back at the previous month and our posting accomplishments. \o/

The Big News for February is that we added a new editor to the team! :D KJ made her debut with a look at the first part of Agent Carter S2.

Clare, our adventurous pop culture critic who hits the streets on nerd quests, visited Star Wars and the Power of Costume and wrote about her experience, complete with pictures! If you're into costume design, be sure to check it out.

Column-wise we were hopping!

We shared our favorite media of January, full of cool books, TV, and film and posted Sidetracks on February 14 and February 25. We also shared media we're looking forward to in We Want It! Are you looking forward to any of the same things?

Susan shared her reading column, Eight Book Minimum, I am a ruined vessel of sorrow and regret.

Jodie kept on building her Hugo ballot with The Little Rocket That Could column, including Visiting the Past, Moving Into the Future and We're Coming In Too Fast!

Renay posted several Let's Get Literate! columns, including Ladies Being Rad, No More Animal Violence, Three Cheers for Teamwork, Amateur Art Critic, and Magic and Alchemy.

Jodie and Renay posted a new Short Business column, debuting their favorite short fiction of 2015 via Seeking Brighter Horizons, our pretend anthology for short fiction they love. :D If you posted a collection of your favorite short fiction last year, let us know! We'd love to link to it.

On the television-recap side of things, Clare and Renay continued their journey into Xena with recaps of 1x22, "Callisto" and 1x23, "Death Mask. Renay got back on the wild steed of Agents of SHIELD and shared thoughts about 3x06, "Among Us Hide".

On the review beat, Susan wrote Exploration, Assumptions, and Cats, a (spoilery) review of Beyond Eyes from Tiger & Squid. Ira reviewed (and critiqued) Planetfall by Emma Newman, published by Ace/Roc.


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