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We're happy to reveal the results of our Q3 Short Fiction survey, featuring stories from July 2015 to September 2015. This time around, we had 38 recommendations, which is awesome! Again, we're grateful to everyone who took part during one of the busiest times of the literary year.

Special thanks to Jonah for once again wearing the spreadsheet wizard hat and processing the stories for us.

Check out the stories below, sorted by the number of recommendations they received. We included word count this round for those who want to know the time investment they're getting into. For some stories the word counts are approximate because not all publishers provide them; corrections welcome! Stories that must be purchased to read are marked with an asterisk, but we've linked to their home magazine, anthology, or Goodreads page.

Happy reading, and keep an eye on [twitter.com profile] feministponies for the Q4 Short Fiction Survey announcement, coming in early January 2016.

Jodie & Renay

Three Recommendations

Dustbaby by Alix E. Harrow (September 2015, Shimmer 27, 4683 words)

Two Recommendations

All in a Hot and Copper Sky by Megan Arkenberg (Lightspeed, September 2015, 4577 words)
Midnight Hour by Mary Robinette Kowal (July/August 2015, Uncanny, 6882 words)

One Recommendation

A Conspiracy of Vegetables by Teri J. Babcock (July 2015, Daily Science Fiction, 1284 words)
20/20 by Arie Coleman (August 2015, Strange Horizons, 3968 words)
A July Story by K.L. Owens (September 2015, Shimmer, 6005 words)
Ara and Monamona by Mayowa Koleosho (September 2015, Omenana, 3378 words(
Bent the Wing, Dark the Cloud by Fran Wilde (September 2015, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, 6868 words)
Binti by Nnedi Okorafor (September 2015, Tor.com)*
Calved by Sam J. Miller (September 2015, Asimov's)*
Catcall by Delilah Dawson (July/August 2015, Uncanny, 6615 words)
Defy the Grey Kings by Jason Fischer (August 2015, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, 7976 words)
Fabulous Beasts by Priya Sharma (July 2015, Tor.com, 9490 words)
Glaciers Made You by Gabby Reed (September 2015, Strange Horizons, 3227 words)
Going Endo by Rich Larson (July 2015, Apex, 3250 words)
Hani's: Purveyors of Rusks, Biscuits, and Sweet Tea by Sara Saab (August 2015, The Dark Magazine, 3725 words)
Milagroso by Isabel Yap (August 2015, Tor.com, 4240 words)
Of Books, and Earth, and Courtship by Aliette de Bodard (September 2015, Nine Dragon Rivers)*
ReMemories by Nancy S.M. Waldman (August 2015, Fantasy Scroll Magazine, 4871 words)
Sarah by Liam Kruger (September 2015, Brittlepaper, 3431 words)
Serein by Cat Hellisen (August 2015, Shimmer, 2089 words)
Shamrock – Part 3 – Fury Uncaged by Josh Brown & Alberto Hernandez (August 2015, Fantasy Scroll Magazine)
Sorcerer of the Wildeeps by Kai Ashante Wilson (September 2015, Tor.com)* [ed note: this actually meets the word count for a novel, but we've leaned toward inclusiveness :)]
Sunset Mantle by Alter S. Reiss (September 2015, Tor.com)*
The Dogs of Athens by Kendare Blake (September 2015, Tor.com)*
The Empress Who Reigns Over Time by Benjanun Sridaungkaew (July 2015, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, 5977 words)
The Light Comes by Tony Peak (August 2015, Fantasy Scroll Magazine, 3984 words)
The Orian's Song by Isabel Yap (September/October 2015, Uncanny, 9482 words)
The Servant by Emily Devenport (August 2015, Clarkesworld, 15034 words)
Werewolf Loves Mermaid by Heather Lindsey (September 2015, Lightspeed, 2902 words)
When Your Child Strays From God by Sam J. Miller (July 2015, Clarkesworld, 5875 words)
White Horse by Kate O'Connor (August 2015, Fantasy Scroll Magazine, 2470 words)
Woman at Exhibition by E. Lily Yu (July/August 2015, Uncanny, 2969 words)
Maybe they are not collective by [twitter.com profile] MicroSFF (Twitter, 24 words)


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