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Jenny: Okay, it's episode four and Black Sails is finally, finally setting sail for its shores of magnificence! The Walrus takes a time-out from piracy to perform some important ship maintenance; we learn a very great deal more about Mrs. Barlow's background and her history with Flint; Eleanor does some maneuvering to acquire the guns that Flint needs to go after the Urca; and the Max plotline continues to make me want to maroon the showrunners on an uninhabited island to die of thirst.

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Jenny: The fandom newsletter The Rec Center used the words queer and pirates and postcolonial text to describe Black Sails back in June, and I left cartoon dust trails in my wake dashing off to my TV to watch it. Though the first season is notoriously worse and less substantive than the rest of the show, it took approx 30 seconds of run time before I was (DON’T DO IT) (I’m definitely doing it) (JENNY NO) (JENNY YES) …. hooked.

(Get it?)

Months have passed since then, and I have not yet grown tired of talking about Black Sails. Accordingly I badgered the wonderful Jodie into watching it and doing recaps with me -- mainly because I want an excuse to rewatch the show, but also to give myself an outlet for the thinking and reading and talking about this show I wanted to be doing anyway. We’ll be discussing it on an episode-by-episode basis, and we’d love for you to watch along with us!

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