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After facing my fear over 3x06 and coming to terms with the direction the show has gone, I went into 3x07 highly dubious because I was worried about how they were going to handle everything. As per usual with shows like this, all my faves don't get to be happy at the same time. Ugh, having to write suspenseful television that draws you into the next episode so that means someone's gonna have to suffer must be the worst. Perhaps this is why I'm not yet a quality writer; I'm no good at making characters suffer. Also, I discovered a shocking revelation: Agents of SHIELD may create a love triangle I don't...hate? That I might end up actively...liking?

I KNOW. Read more... )
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Reasons I ended up behind on Agents of SHIELD:

1. Out of nowhere romance in 3x05 using every trope I dislike.
2. I am Too Busy with Too Many Projects.
3. After 3x04, [ profile] echthroi put forth a theory about Lash with multiple types of evidence that I could not figure out how to refute. It made too much sense. I was, frankly, worried about him being right and hiding from the possibility.

Turns out he was right. So the truth is, the show is good but I really didn't want them to go there, even if it was good drama and it turns out okay in the end. So I took a small hiatus. "But Renay!" I said. "You love Daisy and Bobbi and Melinda and you know they'll save the day!" So back I go, into the Agents of SHIELD fray. Read more... )
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On one hand, I really like this season so far. On the other hand, sometimes it makes choices where I'm not only bored, but bored and contemptuous of their plotting choices. Most of the time it's one or the other but in this episode, they decide to pick the trope I like the least and employ it in the way I find incredibly lazy and mind-numbingly predictable. I was hoping for this trope to never appear on this show, but it's too tempting, I suppose! Also, I feel like the only person on the planet who gets this mad at these tropes for ruining what I think are otherwise good stories. I'm gonna come off like an anti-romance bummer, which is so untrue because I love romance, but generally only in pairs or in poly relationships. OH WELL. Read more... )
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I love this show, but when it disappoints me it really does a bang up job of disappointing me. I haven't seen the next episode yet (in which I assume the events of this episode are resolved/revealed), because I've been wondering if the show is about the take a turn for the "OH GOD NO". See: Make Outs of Unfortunate Timing. There's only one couple I want to see make out, show! MAKE BETTER CHOICES. Although, everyone has said 3x05 is great, so who knows! I am, predictably, behind. I remain terrible at serial television. :D

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No one is more surprised than me that I am back on board the Agents of SHIELD train for Season 3. But the second half of Season 2 managed to be fairly compelling television even though I was furious about the midseason finale. There was a narrative that we don't often see between mothers and daughters and the fracturing of Coulson's iron grip on what SHIELD will become in the future. I'm still on Team "Burn it Down" Rogers, but unfortunately it seems like the MCU as a whole has decided that what we should take away from The Winter Soldier isn't caution, but instead a deference to people with powers and skills, because they know best how to deal with large scale alien or super powered threats. The reborn SHIELD seems to be picking up all the same old bad habits, leaving the whole world vulnerable to the impending struggle to fill that power vacuum and claim control. Anyway, politics are complicated and I made a C in Civics, so I'm not too qualified to talk on that point. I'm just here for the feelings. Read more... )


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