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Short Story Long: Ghosts, pigs, and JAEGER AUNTIES (29/01/19)

Okay, SLOWLY wrapping up my reading from 2018! This is the last of the short fiction I read, and I think I managed to luck out into finding some pretty good ones! (If you have any recs for short fiction that you love: PLEASE PLEASE SEND ME LINKS, I am always here for more!)

  1. The King in the Cathedral by Rich Larson [Jump]

  2. Stone Hunger by N. K. Jemisin [Jump]

  3. On the Road to the Hell of Hungry Ghosts by Richard Park [Jump]

  4. The Fisherman and the Pig by Kameron Hurley [Jump]

  5. The Steadfast Tin Automaton by Alex Singer [Jump]

  6. What to Do When It's Nothing But Static by Cassandra Khaw [Jump]

  7. Valedictorian by N. K. Jemisin [Jump]

  8. The Trojan Girl by N. K. Jemisin [Jump]

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Reading Goals

Reading goal: 174/180 (8 new this post) Prose: 96/90 (8 new this post, 60/97 short fiction) Nonfiction: 6/12 (0 new this post)
#getouttamydamnhouse: 24/50 (0 gone this post)
#unofficialqueerafbookclub: 64/50 (2 new this post; The King in the Cathedral, The Steadfast Tin Automaton)
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Eight Book Minimum: The Ghost of 2018 (04/01/19)

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Friends, enemies, people just passing through: 2018 is gone and I could not be happier with this fact. I took December off reading (I know) which seems to have sent me into a frantic binge of manga and graphic novels, so that's something to look forward to! In the meantime, I figured I might as well catch up on the reviews that I've started for what I read last year, and then I can yell about my reading goals in a couple of weeks when I've finally figured out what I read last year!

  1. Jem & The Holograms Volume 1 by Kelly Thompson and Sophie Campbell [Jump]

  2. Kiss of the Rose Princess by Aya Shouoto [Jump]

  3. Rat Queens Volume 1 [Jump]

  4. Card Captor Sakura: Clear Card Volume 1 by CLAMP [Jump]

  5. My Solo Exchange Diary Volume 1 by Nagata Kabi [Jump]

  6. The Secret Casebook of Simon Feximel by KJ Charles [Jump]

  7. Mail Volumes 1-3 by Housui Yamazaki [Jump]

  8. His Sweet Restraint by Chifumi Ochi [Jump]

  9. Sweet Whispers of Night by Chifumi Ochi [Jump]

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Reading Goals

Reading goal: 107/180 (9 new this post) Prose: 62/90 (1 new this post) Nonfiction: 4/12 (0 new this post)
#getouttamydamnhouse: 24/50 (0 gone this post)
#unofficialqueerafbookclub: 41/50 (6 new this post; Jem & The Holograms, Rat Queens, My Solo Exchange Diary, The Secret Casebook of Simon Feximel, His Sweet Restraint, Sweet Whispers of Night.)
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Eight Book Minimum: Half and Half (07/12/18)

  1. Oh My God! Volumes 1 and 2 by Natsuho Shino [Jump]

  2. When First I Met My King by Harper Fox [Jump]

  3. Passing Strange by Ellen Klages [Jump]

  4. The Scorpion by Gerri Hill [Jump]

  5. And Then There Were N-One by Sarah Pinsker [Jump]

  6. The Girl From The Other Side: Siúil, A Rún Volumes 1-3 by Nagabe, translated by Adrienne Beck [Jump]

  7. Tomorrow by Jack Lothian and Garry Mac [Jump]

  8. Follow Me In by Katriona Chapman [Jump]

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Reading Goals

Reading goal: 98/180 (8 new this post) Prose: 61/90 (4 new this post, 41/98 short stories) Nonfiction: 3/12 (1 new this post)
#getouttamydamnhouse: 24/50 (1 gone this post)
#unofficialqueerafbookclub: 35/50 (5 new this post; Oh My God, When First I Met My King, Passing Strange, The Scorpion, And Then There Were N-One)
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Eight Book Minimum: Short Story Long (27/11/18)

Hello my darlings! I think I mentioned a million years ago that I'd read enough short fiction that I could start separating it out from my other reviews, and lo! Four months and shiny new treatment for my anxiety disorder later: here we are!

  1. Wild Ones by Vanessa Fogg [Jump]

  2. Mrs Peak and the Dragon [Jump]

  3. Riddle by Ogbewe Amadin [Jump]

  4. Have This Wish I Wish Tonight by Katherine Kellig [Jump]

  5. My Pet Tiger by Jessica Dylan Miele [Jump]

  6. Carnival Nine by Caroline M. Yoachim [Jump]

  7. The Martian Obelisk by Linda Nagata [Jump]

  8. Clearly Lettered in a Mostly Steady Hand by Fran Wilde [Jump]

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Reading Goals

Reading goal: 74/180 (8 new this post) Prose: 46/90 (8 new this post) Short Fiction: 33/46 (8 new this post) Nonfiction: 1/12 (0 new this post)
#getouttamydamnhouse: 20/50 (0 gone this post)
#unofficialqueerafbookclub: 22/50 (0 new this post, although Have This Wish I Wish Tonight might count depending on how you read the All-Concealing I.)
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Eight Book Minimum: Anxiety, grief, and sword fights, oh my! (07/09/18)

  1. Aquicorn Cove by Katie O'Neill [Jump]

  2. The Prisoner of Zenda by Anthony Hope [Jump]

  3. Stone Mad by Elizabeth Bear [Jump]

  4. Behind the Scenes Volumes 1-5 by Bisco Hatori [Jump]

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Reading Goals

Reading goal: 74/180 (8 new this post) Prose: 40/90 (2 new this post) Short Fiction: 25/40 Nonfiction: 1/12
#getouttamydamnhouse: 24/50 (4 gone this post)
#unofficialqueerafbookclub: 24/50 (2 new this post; Aquicorn Cove, Stone Mad)
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Eight Book Minimum: Long talks about short fiction (20/07/18)

A thing that's different about this instalment of Eight Book Minimum: I've started tracking my short fiction reading as a specific thing, rather than just going "Ah yes, prose!" Not because it doesn't count towards my prose goal, just because I want to know. (Unsurprisingly, most of my prose reading has been short fiction. I know, you're all shocked.) ... I think I've honestly got enough short fiction socked away for this column that I could make it it's own specific part of the schedule, but I am all out of punny names for a regular set of posts. If anyone has any ideas, HIT ME UP.

  1. The Date by R. K. Kalaw [Jump]

  2. The Future We Wanted by Leigh Alexander [Jump]

  3. The Witches of Athens by Lara Elena Donnelly [Jump]

  4. And Yet by A. T. Greenblatt [Jump]

  5. When the Letter Comes by Sarah Fox [Jump]

  6. Waiting on a Bright Moon by J. Y. Yang [Jump]

  7. Across Pack Ice, A Fire by Marissa Lingen [Jump]

  8. Out of the Rose Hills by Marissa Lingen [Jump]

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Reading Goals

Reading goal: 66/180 (8 new this post) Prose: 38/90, Short Fiction 25/38, Nonfiction: 1/12
#getouttamydamnhouse: 20/50 (0 gone this post)
#unofficialqueerafbookclub: 22/50 (4 new this post; The Date, The Witches of Athens, When the Letter Comes, Waiting on a Bright Moon)
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Eight Book Minimum: Back with the new goals! (15/06/18)

  1. It Takes Two to Tumble by Cat Sebastian [Jump]

  2. Flying Witch Volume 2 and Volume 3 by Chihiro Ishizuka [Jump]

  3. Howl's Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones [Jump]

  4. Why I'm No Longer Talking To White People About Race by Reni Eddo-Lodge [Jump]

  5. Angel City: Town Without Pity by [Jump]

  6. The Tea Dragon Society by Katie O'Neill [Jump]

  7. Princess Princess Ever After by Katie O'Neill [Jump]

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Reading Goals

Reading goal: 58/180 (8 new this post) Prose: 30/90 (3 new this post) Nonfiction: 1/12 (FINALLY!)
#getouttamydamnhouse: 20/50 (4 gone this post)
#unofficialqueerafbookclub: 18/50 (3 new this post; It Takes Two to Tumble, The Tea Dragon Society, Princess Princess Ever After)
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Eight Book Minimum: Goals check-in (01/06/18)

Hey, this worked out very nicely – the first day of June is an Eight Book Minimum day, and I get to revisit my goals! [twitter.com profile] readingtheend, who does the YA Agenda here and the Reading the End podcast, always advises people to revisit goals on the regular to see how they're getting on and change them if they need to, so I'm trying to live up to her fine example!

(I'll be going off my full numbers from the stats that I have on my computer, which are somewhat different to my numbers on Goodreads and and definitely different to my numbers here!)

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Eight Book Minimum: Alchemy, murders, and theft, oh my! (19/05/18)

  1. The Şiret Mask by Marie Brennan [Jump]

  2. Staged to Death and Deadly Decor by Karen Rose Smith [Jump]

  3. Full Metal Alchemist Volume Four by Hiromu Arakawa [Jump]

  4. Check Please! Year Three by Ngozi Ukazu [Jump]

  5. The Sins of the Cities Series (An Unseen Attraction, An Unnatural Vice, An Unsuitable Heir) by KJ Charles [Jump]

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Reading Goals

Reading goal: 50/180 (8 new this post) Prose: 27/90 (6 new this post) Nonfiction: 0/12
#getouttamydamnhouse: 16/80 (3 gone this post)
#unofficialqueerafbookclub: 15/50 (4 new this post; Check Please! Year Three and the Sins of the Cities series. I was debating whether to include The Siret Mask, but I wasn't sure, so...
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Eight Book Minimum: The shortest of all! (06/04/18)

This will be possibly the shortest of all Eight Book Minimums, as all of these are short stories! It's an even split between things were recommended by [twitter.com profile] forestofglory in her favourite short fiction of 2017 post and short stories from Aliette de Bodard's Xuya universe, because I was having a bit of a spring clean of tabs. I had excellent luck with my reading, because most of what I read here was pretty great!

  1. Owl Vs The Neighborhood Watch by Darcie Little Badger [Jump]

  2. The Influence of the Iron Range by Marissa Lingen [Jump]

  3. A Wound Like An Unplowed Field by Max Wynne [Jump]

  4. How to Survive an Epic Journey by Tansy Rayner Roberts [Jump]

  5. Immersion by Aliette de Bodard [Jump]

  6. Three Cups of Grief, by Starlight by Aliette de Bodard [Jump]

  7. A Salvaging of Ghosts by Aliette de Bodard [Jump]

  8. Scattered Along the River of Heaven by Aliette de Bodard [Jump]

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Reading Goals

Reading goal: 42/180 (8 new this post) Prose: 21/90 (8 new this post) Nonfiction: 0/12
#getouttamydamnhouse: 13/80 (None gone this post)
#unofficialqueerafbookclub: 11/42 (0 new this post)
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Eight Book Minimum: Solidly Average (23/03/18)

I would like it noted that going "Well it's Friday SOMEWHERE" from the Thursday side of Friday instead of the Saturday side is as weird for me as it is for everyone else. BUT I am going to Hamilton on Friday (!!!!!!!!), so I thought it would be best to yell slightly early than slightly late!

  1. Gangsta: Cursed: Ep_Marco Adriano Volume Three by Kohske and Syuhei Kamo [Jump]

  2. Packing by T. Kingfisher [Jump]

  3. Herding Cats by Sarah C. Andersen [Jump]

  4. Piper Deez and the Case of the Winter Planet by M. Fenn [Jump]

  5. Archival Quality by Ivy Noelle Weir and Steenz [Jump]

  6. Everyone From Themis Sends Letters Home by Genevieve Valentine [Jump]

  7. Full Metal Alchemist Volume Three by Hiromu Arakawa [Jump]

  8. Light, Like a Candle Flame by Iona Sharma [Jump]

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Reading Goals

Reading goal: 34/180 (8 new this post) Prose: 13/90 Nonfiction: 0/12
#getouttamydamnhouse: 13/80 (1 gone this post)
#unofficialqueerafbookclub: 11/34 (2 new this post; Piper Deez and the Case of the Winter Planet and Light, Like a Candle Flame)
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Eight Book Minimum: Second Verse, Same As The First (16/03/18)

Hello my darlings! I am back, and as always I have done EXCELLENTLY at starting my goals as I mean to go on – I have read so many comics and manga! So many! Which is very much not in line with my goals, but pssh, we have an entire year to catch up.

  1. Pandora Hearts Volumes 16-24 by Jun Mochizuki, Check Please! Volume One by Ngozi Ukazu and Bitch Planet Volume 2 by Kelly Sue DeConnick, Taki Soma, and Valentine de Landro [Jump]

  2. Natsume's Book of Friends Volume One by Yuki Midorikawa [Jump]

  3. Scales and Scoundrels Volume One by Sebastian Girner and Galaad [Jump]

  4. Final Fantasy FFXV Prologue: Parting Ways [Jump]

  5. Flying Witch Volume One by Chihiro Ishizuka (Translated by Melissa Tanaka) [Jump]

  6. The Old Guard Volume One by Greg Rucka and Leandro Fernández [Jump]

  7. And In Our Daughters, We Find A Voice by Cassandra Khaw [Jump]

  8. Manga Dogs Volume Three by Ema Toyama [Jump]

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Reading Goals

Reading goal: 26/180 (18 new this post) Prose: 9/90 (2 new this post) Nonfiction: 0/12
#getouttamydamnhouse: 12/80 (12 gone this post)
#unofficialqueerafbookclub: 9/25 (3 new this post; Check Please Years 1 and 2; The Old Guard Volume 1)
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Eight Book Minimum: Short and sweet! (09/02/18)

Hello my darlings! We're back to posts of a sensible length, containing a sensible number of opinions, and it is both really nice and really weird. (How long will it last? WE SHALL SEE.) This installment has a lot of short stories, because that's pretty much what I had the brain for at the start of the year, so full credit to [twitter.com profile] forestofglory, our OTHER excellent source of short stories, for all of her recs!

  1. The Course of Honor by Aviolet [Jump]

  2. Fandom for Robots by Vina Jie-Min Prasad [Jump]

  3. Taiya by Vanessa Fogg [Jump]

  4. Sun, Moon, Dust by Ursula Vernon [Jump]

  5. The Secret Life of Bots by Suzanne Palmer [Jump]

  6. Angel of the Blockade by Alex Wells [Jump]

  7. Fearless by Shira Glassman [Jump]

  8. Flutter by Momoko Tenzen [Jump]

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Reading Goals

Reading goal: 8/180 (8 new this post) Prose: 7/90 Nonfiction: 0/12
#getouttamydamnhouse: 0/80 (0 gone this post)
#killyourtbr: 8/8 (Looking, clearing out tabs counts, I swear.)
#unofficialqueerafbookclub: 6/8 (6 new this post: Course of Honor; Fandom For Robots; Sun, Moon Dust; Angel of the Blockade; Fearless; Flutter)
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Eight Book Minimum: Goals for 2018!

It's that time of year again: time to tally up my progress for last year and choose reading goals for the new year!

Goals for 2017! )

Goals for 2018! )

And now the important bit – five books I didn't get to in 2017 that I'm planning to read in 2018! )
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Eight Book Minimum: We beat 2017!

Darlings: WE DID IT! With this post, we've wrapped up Eight Book Minimum for 2017! (Only like four weeks late, shhhhh.) I think this means that I've talked about every book and at least some of the short stories that I read in 2017! THIS IS REALLY EXCITING FOR ME! :D *party hats and blowers for everyone!*

(... Seriously, I am tempted to bake myself a cake for this, because even if some of these reviews were only a sentence, that's still a lot of sentences, and I was CONVINCED I wasn't gonna do it.)

So, to wrap up:

  1. A Charm of Magpies Books 1-3 by KJ Charles (The Magpie Lord, A Case of Possession, and A Flight of Magpies) [Jump]

  2. An Unseen Attraction by KJ Charles [Jump]

  3. A Queer Trade by KJ Charles [Jump]

  4. The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Volume Three [Jump]

  5. Pandora Hearts Volume Twenty by Jun Mochizuki [Jump]

  6. Pandora Hearts Volume Twenty-One by Jun Mochizuki [Jump]

  7. Pandora Hearts Volume Twenty-Two by Jun Mochizuki [Jump]

  8. Pandora Hearts Volume Twenty-Thee by Jun Mochizuki [Jump]

  9. Pandora Hearts Twenty-Four by Jun Mochizuki [Jump]

  10. Check Please Volumes One and Two by Ngozi Ukazu [Jump]

  11. On a Red Station, Drifting by Aliette de Bodard [Jump]

  12. Bitch Planet Volume Two: President Bitch by [Jump]

  13. Space Battle Lunchtime Volume Two: A Recipe For Disaster by Natalie Reiss [Jump]

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Reading Goals

Reading goal: 196/150 (16 new this post) Prose: 103/50 (6 new this post)
New-to-me female authors: 51/50 (Aliette de Bodard)
#getouttamydamnhouse: 58/80 (5 gone this post)
#unofficialqueerasfuckbookclub: 72/180 (A Charm of Magpies, An Unseen Attraction, A Queer Trade, Check Please, Bitch Planet Volume Two, and Space Battle Lunchtime Volume Two)

WE DID IT! Now: what are you reading in 2018?