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What are your favorite blogs?
Why do you link to other reviews at the end of your posts?
What is your review policy?
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Lady Business is edited by Clare, Ira, Jodie, KJ, Renay, and Susan.

Our regular contributors include Ana, [personal profile] chaila, and Maree.

Lady Business editors have been featured on The Book Smugglers, Fantasy Cafe, Pornokitsch, and Tor.com.

Our My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic art was commissioned specifically for our project from Ira. You can check out commission costs at their tumblr.

Our former editors include Ana, who you can find at thingsmeanalot.com, on twitter at [twitter.com profile] Nymeth, and here as a guest. :) Her work is excellent; please check it out!

Contact Us

You can reach us the following ways:

Please check our sidebar to find ways to contact us individually.

About Clare

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Queer lady geek Clare McBride was raised by French wolves in the American South. Exposure to toxic levels of VH1’s I Love the 80s, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, and Mystery Science Theater 3000 as a preteen mutated her into the woman that we know today; an entity all about fandom, feminism, pop culture, speculative fiction, queer history, and any other way those words can go together. There is no cure for her addiction to run-on sentences.

Clare blogs about her media consumption at The Omnivore's Almanac.

About Ira

* *

Ira is an illustrator and gamer who decided that disagreeing with everyone would be a good way to spend their time on the internet. Ira has been a voracious reader of books since before they can remember, and their friends have been subjected to their opinions for long enough -- it's time for everyone else to take a turn. Ira has been, at various times, an internationally ranked competitive rock climber, a martial artist, a web developer, and a teacher. Ira discovered feminism and then it all went downhill from there; they now wish to analyze books, comics, games, movies, and TV shows from an intersectional feminist perspective. They wish to branch out into editing, pro writing, and video editing. Ira lives in Pittsburgh with their three cats and Corgi.

Ira makes art and fanfic and posts them variously to their tumblr and AO3 account.


About Jodie

* *

Jodie is currently living the dream as a bookseller for a major British chain of book shops. She has no desire to go back to working in the real world. All the opinions she voices at Lady Business are hers alone and are not associated with her employer.

Jodie enjoys talking about media critically, but she is also happy to try to fall in love with your favourite thing at the drop of a hat. She welcomes the chance to make connections by squeeing over media, or gleefully picking apart that thing you hate-love, especially if you have a supernatural program to recommend. She is always up for sharing gifs of hot boys and awesome female celebrities.

Jodie also reviews at Shiny New Books, blogs about TV at Irregularly Scheduled Viewing and is now available as a freelance writer for other publications.

'Humanity is good. Some people are terrible and broken but humanity is good. I believe that. — Hank Green, (source)

About KJ

* *

KJ is an underemployed librarian, lifelong reader, and more recently an avid gamer. For the last decade, she has shared her fanfiction, thoughts on media, and feminist rants on her journal, [personal profile] owlmoose. She is incapable of looking at a list of books without wondering how many of the authors are women. Although not shy about sharing her opinions, she is also cursed with the ability to see almost every side of any given argument. She lives the cliche in San Francisco with her spouse and two cats.

You can also find her on Twitter at [twitter.com profile] iamkj and on Tumblr at [tumblr.com profile] lifeofkj.

About Renay

* *
* *

Renay is writes intensely personal essays and reviews, loves a good rec list, and is constantly trying to improve her pun game. She's available as a freelance writer for other publications (via twitter).

"It's okay to make mistakes. It's okay to fall down. But get up, look SICKENING, and make them eat it." — Latrice Royale

About Susan

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Susan is a library assistant who uses her insider access to keep her shelves and to-read list permanently over-flowing. Her current quest is to devour all of the stories involving heists, mythology, LGBT detectives, magical girls, and/or female warriors that she can get her hands on, while flailing to anyone who'll listen about her finds. She lives in England with her Spousal Unit and insufficient bookcases.

Susan can primarily be found capslocking wildly on twitter and posting fanfiction. She's also available as a freelance writer for other publications.

"We all do stories. We all live in stories... They need to be told. They need to be heard." — Ishmael Angaluuk Hope (Kisima Inŋitchuŋa / Never Alone)

What are your favorite blogs?

Yes, we have many writers that we love! Here are some of them!

Amy Reads
Asking the Wrong Questions
Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
Book Punks
The Book Smugglers
bookshelves of doom
By Singing Light
A Dribble of Ink
The Emerald City Book Reviews
Eve's Alexandria
A Fantastical Librarian
Fantasy Cafe
Fantasy Review Barn
Far Beyond Reality
Hello, Tailor
In The Forest of Stories
Iris On Books
Jenny's Books
The Literary Omnivore
Manic Pixie Dream Worlds
Medieval Bookworm
My Friend Amy
Practically Marzipan
Queerly Seen
Reading the End
SFF Book Reviews
Shattersnipe: Malcontent & Rainbows
So Many Books
Strange Charm
Susan Hated Literature
A Striped Armchair
A Work in Progress
The Written World
This is How She Fight Start
Unbridled Enthusiasm

Why do you link to other reviews at the end of your posts?

It's best to quote Ana, who was one of the early adopters of this practice:

The conceptual answer is that I like the fact that it contextualises what I've just written as one reading among many, which is what I believe all reviews to be, even professional ones. There have been countless discussions all over the blogosphere — and outside of it, I'm sure — about what constitutes legitimate intellectual authority and whether or not All Readings Are Created Equal. I don't mean to repeat them here, so I'll just say that I don't want to set up my own writing as the end-all and be-all of book blogging, and that I'm perfectly happy to link to another review even if I disagree with every single word of it.

The more practical answer is that it's useful — it's useful for bloggers to have relevant sites link to them, and it's useful for readers who might have stumbled upon a single review on Google but have no idea of what else is out there. I don't do the snippets from other reviews thing because I believe that context is important, and also because I want readers to click over, read a full review, and possibly discover a new blog that they love. I know that the belief that nobody ever does this and therefore links are useless is pretty widespread, but I've actually had readers thank me for introducing them to new blogs in this way.

What is your review policy?

For potential coverage for your upcoming book on Lady Business, please check with us at least three months before your book's release date. Otherwise, we won't have time to consider it! Below is a list of reviewers currently accepting review copy. Please see our contact section to reach us.


Clare: Closed.
Ira: Open to traditional publishers and diverse self-pub. Welcomes hardcopy, pdf, and epub formats. Live in the US.
Jodie: Closed.
KJ: Closed.
Renay: If it's on her to read list it's fair game for consideration! Welcomes both hardcopy and epub formats, prefers epub. Lives in the US.
Susan: Open to graphic novels, manga, and queer fiction. Not interested in any story involving Bury Your Gays tropes. Welcomes hardcopy, pdf, or epub formats. Lives in the UK.

You can contact us using our contact information.

Do you accept submissions or participate in blog tours?

Nope! All our guests for all features are invited personally by us right now. We're also too busy to stick to the schedules most blog tours require, so we don't do those, either. Sorry! :)

Comment Policy

1. If you comment without a Dreamwidth/OpenID account, pick a handle and use it across all your comments so it's clear who we're speaking with.
1a. But account creation is free, and comes with nerdy icon slots. Icons were big in the 00s. It's practically retro and therefore cool.
2. If you forget, just reply to yourself (look for the "reply" link under your comment) and say "this is me."
3. Don't treat us or other people in our space like meat popsicles.
4. Don't forget to be awesome.

We reserve the right to screen/freeze any and all comments/threads if they don't follow these guidelines, and to make exceptions based on context for our friends who are cursed by the lack of a robust commenting system (we know, and we're sorry). We're unpredictable like that. Life's an adventure.