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Internet Adventures! Renay at Pornokitsch!

Back in October, Jared asked me to write about fanfic and do some recs as one of the special features he runs. Of course, over a month later I finish and I've gone 200% overboard in my excitement and the post has to become a standalone thing because I can't control myself when it comes to recs. I love talking about stories I enjoy, and I always wanted an excuse to highlight that fanfic barely scratches the surface of fandom and also that we're all awesome. Remix and Transformation: An introduction to fanfiction is live and I had a lot of fun writing it and sharing some of the stories I love — I was pleased to include some podfic and vids in there, too. ♥

....I barely restrained myself from having a full on meltdown about Supernatural, though. Ugh, Supernatural, I both hate and love you. :|

Anyway, if there are iconic and/or interesting stories/podfic/vids/art out there you love, please do share them in the comments over there. I thought about 19 things I could've included from unimported delicious bookmark links AFTER I finalized my draft. Curses. /o\

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God, I haven't read any fanfic in an age. Years and years, I must get back into it because there are some great writers and stories out there. I'll have to bookmark your intro and delve in at the weekend.
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You make me so grateful that I never got sucked in to Supernatural.