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Internet Adventures: Renay at Strange Horizons!

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My second column is up in the latest issue of Strange Horizons! \o/ Communities: You Got Your Industry in my Fanwork discusses the changes to book blogging culture, creators interacting with fanwork and fan communities, and lots of things we were likely debating back in the 1970s, just with different names. Nothing new, except my perspective. :D

Other parts of the issue available now:

FICTION: Difference of Opinion, by Meda Kahn
FICTION: Podcast: Difference of Opinion, by Meda Kahn, read by Anaea Lay
POETRY: Triptych, by Jane Crowley
REVIEW: NOS4R2 by Joe Hill, reviewed by Katherine Farmar

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Oh, man, where was this last week? I was trying to articulate this exact difference to someone I was having professional lunch with.

I'm also intrigued by the concept of canonical/interpretative power. Fan interaction is all about the interpretation, so having someone play in, essentially, God Mode is a bit of a downer. Nobody likes to be told that they're reading incorrectly, because it is impossible to read a text incorrectly! (Well, okay, there's stuff like thinking Rue was white, but you know what I mean!) It's like coming up against a brick wall.
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I enjoyed your article, Renay. As a newbie book-blogger, I found it fascinating.