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Hey, this worked out very nicely – the first day of June is an Eight Book Minimum day, and I get to revisit my goals! [twitter.com profile] readingtheend, who does the YA Agenda here and the Reading the End podcast, always advises people to revisit goals on the regular to see how they're getting on and change them if they need to, so I'm trying to live up to her fine example!

(I'll be going off my full numbers from the stats that I have on my computer, which are somewhat different to my numbers on Goodreads and and definitely different to my numbers here!)

Read 180 books and short stories, of which 90 have to be prose
I have read 133 out of 180 stories this year! This feels amazing to me considering it's only June! 44 of them have been prose, so I'm just about on track to finish my goal of 90 prose stories by the end of the year! Yaaaaaaaaaaaay!

Read twelve non-fiction books that aren't craft books about writing
I have read a grand total of 3 non-fiction things this year. My goal is 12, so that's not too far to go. Needs some concerted effort to make up, maybe? But I've some that I've started or am about to start (Zami, Prairie Fires, The Master's Tools Will Never Dismantle the Master's House and Gaming At the Edge), so I've got some things to be going on with when my motivation comes back!

#getouttamydamnhouse: Return fifty books to their rightful owners!
When I said that switching to working in a science library was going to be good for my library habits, I didn't realise how right I was. I have gone from two maxed-out library cards down to 13 library books total across my three separate cards! But in total I have READ 27/50 borrowed books, and they are indeed out of my house! But I also get to do a tally and see how many borrowed books I actually have so I know whether my goal is accurate, and it turns out that my count is still accurate! I still have 23 books to go back, which means that I can just keep my goal instead of having to reset the entire thing like I did last year!

#unofficialqueerafbookclub: Have one-third or more of my reading focus on queer stories.
Okay, doing this tally has made me realise a very important thing, which is that ratio-based goals are not for me. I realised while tallying this up that I'm up to 27 out of 133, which is about 20%? And I'm not sure how to course correct that from here, because every book I read is going to make this ratio worse. After discussion with the inestimable [twitter.com profile] anoutlawlife and [twitter.com profile] ellenbutnotdegeneres, I'm changing my goal from a ratio to a fixed number! My new goal is going to be 50 queer narratives, with a stretch goal of 75. It's not as many as I wanted, but it's still more than last year's 72!

So after this, my goals are:

  • Read 180 books and short stories, of which 90 have to be prose

  • Read twelve non-fiction books that aren't craft books about writing

  • #getouttamydamnhouse:

  • #unofficialqueerafbookclub: read 50 queer narratives

I think I'm doing pretty well so far! Some wobbles, but I think I've got enough time to course-correct, so I'm excited!

Date: 2018-06-01 09:26 pm (UTC)
ayebydan: (misc: pink hair)
From: [personal profile] ayebydan
That is an amazing number of books so far. You are making great progress!


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