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lokifan ([personal profile] lokifan) wrote in [community profile] ladybusiness 2018-12-08 09:00 am (UTC)

I'm not gonna lie to you: my first reaction when I finished this story was utter frustration, because the characterisation is great, it has so many story and character beats for both Final Fantasy XV and Kingsglaive – and all of it should have been in the main game. It both sets up and resolves a couple of character arcs in a very short space of time, and all of this would have been better served as an actual prologue in the game! Some of this information actually fills in plotholes in other pieces of Final Fantasy XV and I didn't even know this existed until a friend mentioned it!

Haha YEP. OMG, I didn't even know this existed either!!!! *immediately buys it* Thanks for the rec!

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