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Each month, we look back over the media we loved in the previous month, from books to film to video games and more.


Poster for Friends from College Poster for Schitt's Creek

Friends From College - I finished watching Series Two of Friends From College too fast, and am now impatiently waiting for Series Three. This is one of the few shows that genuinely makes me laugh out loud and keep laughing. It's silly "bits" (Max, Nick, and Marianne try to work on normal facial expressions had me snorting) are fantastic, and it's intermingling of much more serious subjects with just ludicrous comedy really works for me. I'm a big fan of messy, ensemble cast, life stories that make me laugh and feel for everyone, especially when those stories deal with people in long-term relationships that are full of history, and this show really hits that sweet spot. While my favourite character has to be Lisa (Cobie Smulders freed from HIMYM is the best), and I ship Lisa and Nick to the end of time, I really just enjoy watching everyone trying their best to successfully muddle through lives that are constantly derailed; often by the character's own actions. I'm not totally sure about the conflict introduced at the end of the series, but I'm also looking forward to seeing how this changes the group dynamic again.

Schitt's Creek - I finished Series Four of Schitt's Creek, and am once again glad I took a chance on what, from the title and initial episodes, does not look like a very promising comedy. David and Patrick's relationship is SO GOOD. Stevie is still the best, and I loved seeing her get a few different emotional beats this series. Alexis' arc was so lovely, and fulfilling. It's a shame Moira and Johnny haven't been developed as much as the younger generation of characters, but there's so much great character work, and funny, rather than cringey, comedy being done with David, Alexis, and Stevie that it's hard to complain. Schitt's Creek has been getting some love in my small corner of the internet, and I encourage everyone to go and try it out even if it's just so you eventually get to Patrick serenading David.


Cover of Thornbound Cover of The Adventure Zone: Here There Be Gerblins

Thornbound by Stephanie Burgis — Burgis's Snowswept was my favorite novella of 2017 by a lot, so I had been eagerly awaiting this sequel. And like the first book, it made me extremely happy: I love the romance, and I love the worldbuilding, and I'm very interested in what the story has to say about different kinds of power and accepting societal change.

The Adventure Zone: Here There Be Gerblins by Clint McElroy and Carey Pietsch — Although I was very fond of The Adventure Zone: Balance as a podcast, it took the McElroy boys some time to hit their stride as storytellers and RPGers, so I wasn't sure how I would feel about a graphic novel based on the first story arc. I was wrong to have doubted. The comic is a perfect introduction to the world of Balance, and the adaptation smooths out a lot of the rough edges and gaming table shenanigans -- while leaving just enough shenanigans in place that it still feels like TAZ. And Pietsh's art is amazing. Now I can't wait for the next one.


Poster for Kingdom Cover of Frau Faust Volume 1 Poster for Captain Marvel

Kingdom — On the off-chance that your corners of the internet weren't as hype about Kingdom as mine were, here's a quick summary: it's a political drama about Joseon-era Korea and the Crown Prince's fears for his position in the line of succession when his father falls ill – and then the dead start to rise. A historical political drama with zombies?! Of course I'm here for that! The costumes and sets are absolutely gorgeous, the actors are all great, and everything is so tense! It's the first zombie thing I've seen in a while where it's actually felt scary, and I kinda love it.

Frau Faust — I wasn't sure what to expect from Frau Faust, but it's by the creator of The Ancient Magus' Bride so I was ready to give it a shot. It's about Dr Faust and her bargain with the demon Mephistopheles – one that he suddenly changed the rules of, so she's caught in a game where she has to reassemble his dismembered body or die trying. I enjoyed it! It has the same lovely art and focus on found family that The Ancient Magus' Bride does, wrapped in a non-linear plot that bounces around the century and a half of Faust's life. It didn't always hang together coherently, and some of the elements it introduced felt a bit out of the blue, but it was worth it for Faust and her family.

Captain Marvel — I always said that I wasn't going to believe that Captain Marvel was a real movie that Marvel had made until I actually saw it, but I can now confirm that it actually exists! And I loved it! I don't want to say too much about it, because I don't want to spoil anyone, but it's officially in my top three Marvel movies despite some wonky pacing and issues that are too spoilery to discuss here. But I will say that Carol's arc is amazing – it isn't about her becoming a hero, it's about her becoming herself, and it has one of the best families in the MCU to go with it. I love it, I had such emotions about That One Scene near the end, and I'm so happy it exists.
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