Jan. 3rd, 2019

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2018 managed to be, at the same time, one of the shortest but longest years in recent memory. Partly because things kept happening and wouldn't stop and partly because I decided to work on a political campaign and slightly regret it because it ate up six months of my life. I gained some great skills (I can edit video now!) but I'm also once again clawing my way out from under a crushing experience for my very fragile confidence due to Too Many Cis Men Who Know Better About The Field I Have Experience In, which is a state of being that I'm sure many of us are familiar with.

And also, my dad died on December 25. It was unexpected, but also at the same time not surprising (he was very ill and has been for while). I got him a bunch of books as a gift, because he's been so bored recently. Now I have three westerns I will never read.

If I hadn't had time to read I might have gone bananas, but thankfully there was travel, driving, and other tasks where I could read and also listen to audiobooks. 2018 was the year of the audiobook for me. And it turns out that if I'm dealing with heavy sadness, audiobooks are perfect because I can just listen and relax, or listen and knit and not dwell on things. I used audiobooks in November 2016 to cope and I did the same thing with them the last week of December. Thank the stars for the new ways of reading technology has provided. Read more... )


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