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December Rec Roundtable: True Friendship

It's December: the end of the year and the time of 1000 recommendation lists. We thought we'd get in on the action with some sweet themed recs! Here are our recs from December 4 (only slightly late) which you can enjoy until the December 5th's recs, coming very soon.

Theme for December 4: Favorite media recced to you by a friend this year


I’m going to go with Avatar: The Last Airbender which Ira recommended to me. To be fair, a lot of other people also recommended this show to me, but it was Ira’s rec during our discussion of Steven Universe which made me finally watch it. I’m kinda sad that it took me this long because it's great! I loved the world building—well, except the geography because the geography makes no sense. But the building styles, the different cultures, and the food are all well done and super great. And I loved the characters and their friendship. I’m particularly fond of Katara who's good at cooking and sewing and emotional labor, but also a total badass. If you, like me, have still not gotten around to seeing this show you definitely do so!


It's got to be Black Sails, a show that Jenny recommended to me. We're recapping it for this here blog, so I'm only five episodes in, but I already love its focus on pirates, and women trying to get ahead in a world that wants to put them in a sex tent. Caveat—I have to add a disclaimer that a few of the early episodes feature a lot of poor writing choices regarding sexual assault (I know Jenny is going to reiterate that in later rec posts) so please take that into account when deciding if you want to try it out.


Jumping in to say that my answer for this is also Black Sails, which is also entirely Jenny's doing! Caveats for sexual assault, like Jodie mentioned, but if you're able to skip them or push through to the second season, twists and turns and queerness abounds! So many of my favorite 2018 characters have come from this bloody queer pirate utopia!


My friend Jeanne gave my mother Arcanos Unraveled this year, and I borrowed it from her and adored it. It’s a fairly light-hearted fantasy story about a woman who does magic with textiles—despite facing a high level of contempt for being this kind of magic-user at the university where she works—and who has to save her university from ruin! (Or not save it.) (She’s kind of ambivalent.)


I think it's going to be Marie Brennan's "The Şiret Mask", as recommended by [personal profile] forestofglory! It has heists, disguises, and everything going wrong in the best possible ways, which is pretty much everything I want in a story! Seriously, I'm not kidding, everyone is welcome to keep recommending me stories like this because I want all of them.