Jun. 6th, 2018

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When I was at Wiscon 42 I took over 13,000 words of notes. That is not a typo. Thirteen thousand. And since I took so many notes, I thought I would write up the panels I attended as well as the four panels I was actually on. Let's go!

I attended:
I was a panelist on:

This writeup is different from my previous one: I didn't track speakers and will be doing more of a synthesis of points covered than a transcription. During the panel itself the discussion sometimes jumped back and forth between topics. For this writeup, I tried to stay true the overall trajectory of the panel while grouping similar point together, if they were not too far apart in time. My personal opinions and reactions will be largely after a clearly marked break at the end; the first part will be dedicated to conveying what the panel covered.

WisCon 42: 'Redemption And Revenge: Antiheroines And Villainesses Taking Control' )

My Thoughts )


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