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Eight Book Minimum: Alchemy, murders, and theft, oh my! (19/05/18)

  1. The ┼×iret Mask by Marie Brennan [Jump]

  2. Staged to Death and Deadly Decor by Karen Rose Smith [Jump]

  3. Full Metal Alchemist Volume Four by Hiromu Arakawa [Jump]

  4. Check Please! Year Three by Ngozi Ukazu [Jump]

  5. The Sins of the Cities Series (An Unseen Attraction, An Unnatural Vice, An Unsuitable Heir) by KJ Charles [Jump]

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Reading Goals

Reading goal: 50/180 (8 new this post) Prose: 27/90 (6 new this post) Nonfiction: 0/12
#getouttamydamnhouse: 16/80 (3 gone this post)
#unofficialqueerafbookclub: 15/50 (4 new this post; Check Please! Year Three and the Sins of the Cities series. I was debating whether to include The Siret Mask, but I wasn't sure, so...
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WisCon 2018 Schedule!

Three of our editors are attending WisCon this year, and we're all on panels! We're also all planning to attend the Dessert Salon and Guest of Honor Speeches on Sunday evening, and hope to pull together an informal gathering at some point, probably Saturday or Sunday night, either in the lobby or at Michelangelo's. Keep an eye on [twitter.com profile] feministponies and our individual Twitter accounts for updates.

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Are you coming to WisCon? Let us know! We hope to see many of you there. :)