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Sidetracks is a collaborative project featuring various essays, videos, reviews, or other Internet content that we want to share with each other. All past and current links for the Sidetracks project can be found in our Sidetracks tag. For more links and commentary you can follow us on Twitter, Tumblr. You can also support us on Patreon.


1. Ahead of The Shape of Water, here’s a wonderful profile of Doug Jones.


2. Serena Williams' wedding day looks amazing.

3. The Quick Sip Reviews 2017 Recommended Reading List is up which means there are lots of short fiction recs to check out.

4. If you're looking for more short story recs, make sure you check out 7 Monstrous, Feminist, and Free Short Stories at BookRiot (thanks to Susan for pointing me to this article).

5. 'Best Of' lists are starting to appear, and Barnes and Noble have a great Best of Science Fiction list up, including The Power which Renay reviewed for them.

6. Andy Weir recently did an interview where he talked about what kind of science fiction he likes to read, and managed to list absolutely no works by women. He would however invite J. K. Rowling to his imaginary dinner party if he absolutely has to have authors who are alive :/

7. Sylvia Moreno-Garcia has a new novella coming out called Prime Meridian and it's set on Mars!

8. Rachel Hawkins does a deep dive into the Last Christmas video and YES, this is everything I've ever thought!

9. The cast for Radio 4's new dramatisation of Anansi Boys looks great (but not so secretly I wish it were a TV production).

10. An explanation of how difficult retail workers schedules can be (some of these I've experienced, some I've been lucky to miss).

11. A grammar school in Kent (which also invited Milo to speak) is setting up 'unsafe spaces' to combat 'the poison of political correctness' and honestly I think everyone involved should be fired right now for the sake of their pupils.

12. Vulture examines Justice League through the lens of what its commercial failure means for the Wonder Woman franchise, and I am BAFFLED by why anyone would decide this was a genuine angle that needed investigating.

13. Oh look, Labour MP Caroline Flint is a TERF. So far, I haven't seen any comment on this from Corbyn or top Labour ministers, and I would really like the party to come get this embarrassment of an MP.


14. Laura Hudson provides a review of the new Netflix Punisher series, in which she criticizes the show for not having anything coherent to say about gun violence. Although I care very little about this character in general, I agree that he'd be much more interesting if a creator used him to make a statement about guns in US society.

15. I love this Twitter thread that delves into the problems with using Google as the source of all knowledge. (It also links to a Wall Street Journal article on the subject, which I haven't read.) With my librarian hat on, I am generally hesitant to give the advice "just Google it" to someone who is unfamiliar with a social justice issue, and this thread gives some really great examples as to why.

16. Tansy Raynor Roberts livetweeted a rewatch of the first Thor movie and the results were glorious.

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Re: The Google link - see also why I'm genuinely concerned about the uptake of devices like Alexa and Google Home (apart from the whole, y'know, security risk of having an always-on listening device in your house... a risk which is not only a possibility but has also already been realised)


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