Nov. 21st, 2017

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Hello my darlings! I know, you weren't expecting to see me again so soon, but seriously it was pop up an extra time or have a book post on Thursday that was eighteen stories long and none of us wants that.

A quick note: I accidentally messed up when I was compiling my last Eight Book Minimum post, and somehow managed to not paste my review of Seasons of Glass and Iron in. Thanks to commenter [personal profile] tangerine42 for the save, it is now live and you can read it here.

(I THINK I've avoided making that mistake today. I THINK.)

  1. Pluto Volume Six by Naoki Urasawa [Jump]

  2. Pluto Volume Seven by Naoki Urasawa [Jump]

  3. Pluto Volume Eight by Naoki Urasawa [Jump]

  4. The Geek Feminist Revolution by Kameron Hurley [Jump]

  5. The Fifth Season by N. K. Jemisin [Jump]

  6. Pandora Hearts Volume Eight by Jun Mochizuki [Jump]

  7. You Will Surely Drown If You Stay by Alyssa Wong [Jump]

  8. Everyone From Themis Sends Letters Home by Genevieve Valentine [Jump]

  9. The Book of How to Live by Rose Lemberg [Jump]

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Reading Goals

Reading goal: 59/150 (9 new this post) Prose: 24/50 (5 new this post)
New-to-me female authors: 10/50 (1 new this post: Genevieve Valentine)
#getouttamydamnhouse: 27/80 (4 gone this post)
#unofficialqueerasfuckbookclub: 18/59 (2 new this post: You Will Surely Drown Here If You Stay and The Book of How to Live)


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