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Fanwork is awesome and sharing fanwork is even more awesome. Join us as we keymash and squee over our favorite fanwork, from fic (both written and podfic) to art to vids and meta and back again.

If you find something you love, we encourage you to comment/favorite and let the creator know you enjoyed their work. :D o/

Recommendations included:
  • Batman — fic (1)

  • Critical Role — fic (1)

  • Crossover: Leverage/MCU — fic (1)

  • Crossover: Wonder Woman/Ghostbusters — art (1)

  • Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell — vid (1)

  • Pokémon — art (1)

  • Sailor Moon — art (1)

  • The Good Place — art (1)

  • Yuri!!! On Ice — vid (2)


[VID] [Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell (TV)] (So Sick of That) Same Old Love by [archiveofourown.org profile] credoimprobus (2:15) (Emma Pole)

A vid that really gets at the feminist heart of Emma Pole's story (which the TV show does a much better job of illustrating than the book), and builds her a starring role out of the ways the original story silences her.

[ART] [Wonder Woman/Ghostbusters] WonderHoltz by [twitter.com profile] moishpain (Diana/Gillian Holtzman)

Gah, I would never have thought of this crossover pairing but woah is it ever effectively captured in this gorgeous piece of art. That kiss is drawn so tenderly. I love the soft lines, and the way the starry background blends into the back of Holtzman's jacket.

[ART] [The Good Place] Untitled by [twitter.com profile] chanartings (Tahani Al-Jamil, Eleanor Shellstrop)

Such a cute piece. Grumpy Eleanor is my fav. And Tahani just taking over the frame is perfect. It's really pretty.


[FIC] [Critical Role] Cold Comfort by [archiveofourown.org profile] eponymous_rose (3,134) (Velora, Vex, Percy, background Percy/Vex)
A sad but very sweet and real-seeming story, centered on Vex and Vax's younger sister Velora, teasing out some of the long-term effects of Vox Machina's final battle. Very spoilery for the final episode.

[FIC] [Leverage/MCU] The Cyborg Arm Job by [archiveofourown.org profile] copperbadge (7,996) (Eliot Spencer, Alec Hardison, Parker, Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson, Eliot/Hardison/Parker)
The story I always wanted that I never knew I wanted. Bucky comes to the Leverage team for help and ends up part of the crew. The brief appearance by Steve and Sam, and how they end up interacting with the Leverage folks, is everything.


[VID] [Yuri!!! On Ice] Look What You Made Me Do by lolathexxiii (3:40) (Yuri Plisetsky)
Did you need an appropriately over the top Yuri vid set to Taylor Swift's new song? Because if so you need to watch this immediately because it's wonderful. The world may not like this song but I feel like it was put into the universe to be used to make vids about Yuri Plisetsky, anger muffin.

[ART] [Sailor Moon] sailor scouts hanging at the arcade by [twitter.com profile] mimiadraws
My favorite things about this art is how the characterization is spot on, the colors are perfect, and Luna coming around the corner to tell everyone their break is over and it's time to go back to training.


[FIC] [Batman] Arm Candy by [archiveofourown.org profile] unpretty (10,374 words) (Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson, Alfred Pennyworth, OCs) (Caution warning: mention of self-harm in the last chapter)
I love this mainly because it's Bruce Wayne trying to be a decent person and Grumpy Uncle To All Of Gotham, with puppies, models who have adopted him as their Grumpy Uncle, and hot-pink nail varnish. I just love this characterisation of Batman, and the fact that he does support and remember the people he keeps around them! (Plus, Alex's way of dealing with self-harm works for me, it turns out! Shout out to this fic for that tip.)

[ART] [Pokemon] TITLE by [twitter.com profile] Dqsuzume (Rowlett)
Look at these adorable brave RPG Hero Rowlets! ♥

[VID] [Yuri!!! On Ice] Shape of You by [Bad username or site: pteryx videos @ youtube.com] (0:45) (Yuri Plisetsky, Otabek Altin)
I've linked to Pteryx's YOI vids before, but this one is a really good encapsulation of why in less than a minute – they're well paced, the cuts and ways that scenes are matched together makes me happy, and the way that it winds back to the moment that Yuri hits the ice is just cool.

What fanwork have you loved recently?

Date: 2017-11-10 12:10 am (UTC)
aoftheis: (Default)
From: [personal profile] aoftheis
Critical Role fic exists?!?! I guess, in retrospect, that this delightful fact should not be a surprise. :D

Date: 2017-11-11 06:07 am (UTC)
subsequent: (-the internet is for cats)
From: [personal profile] subsequent
Yessss, an Unpretty rec! All of her works are amazing, consider this my rec to read all of her stuff.


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