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1. This interview with Chumbawamba about "Tubthumping," twenty years on, is fascinating. I’d always had the impression that the anarchist punk group was a bit over how mainstream the song has become, but the band’s been around for so long that they knew what they were about in the nineties and have embraced the song’s legacy on their own terms.

2. Harley and Ivy had their first in-canon main universe kiss recently! (They’ve smooched plenty of times in alternate universe titles.) I could do without the male onlooker murmuring "HOMINA", but the kiss itself is lovely.

3. Speaking of Harley… Karen Gillan as Harley’s Joker would be AMAZING, right?


4. The Fifth Season is being developed as a TV series! Not a drill, people! Leigh Dana Jackson is penning the adaptation which seems to bode well for the approach to casting (24: Legacy, The Tomorrow People and Sleepy Hollow all featured African American actors in main roles).

5. Maree has started reviewing mobile games over at her blog, which I thought might be really interesting to some of our gamer readers. Her first review is for Merge Dragons which sounds super fun.

6. Speaking of games, have you seen the Magic Mums [twitter.com profile] lesbianravenna has created in response to Dream Daddy? I really wish this game existed (and that I could work out how to play games like this in general).

7. Jenny reviewed Ninefox Gambit by Yoon Ha Lee and pretty much summed up the reaction of everyone I know who has read this book.

8. Nadya Agrawal talks about how straight, chromatic women have been reduced to a punchline in shows like Master of None.

9. Nyma Tang is a beauty blogger fighting colourism in the beauty industry with her Youtube channel The Darkest Shade.

10. The OPI Summer Challenge sounds like a lot of fun and maybe up Renay's street (nail polish + fandom). Also, you can leave prompts without committing yourself to filling a certain number which I always think takes the pressure off.

11. Arsenal football club has started selling shirts with the names of Arsenal W. F. C. (that's the women's team) players on the back. I hope other clubs follow suit.

12. It's official, Daniel Craig is returning as Bond. I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, Craig is my Bond; the Bond who (along with a ton of quality production people) reinvigorated the franchise. On the other, I really feel like if he stepped down we're in exactly the right moment for the team to consider fresh options for this character. Although I have longed for it, it has never really felt possible that we might get a Bond that isn't yet another white boy but right now there's momentum with the female Doctor and the commercial success of Wonder Woman. Plus, is in a big action film right now... I'm worried that by the time Craig steps down this sweet spot which is prompting big commercial teams to sit up and go 'hey, maybe there's money we're missing out on' will have passed and we'll get yet another white dude for the Bond after Craig.

13. And I'm out with this video of a man high-fiving his cat.


14. Via the AV Club, this parody of the blockbuster movie trailer format from Auralnauts is pretty brilliant.

15. Foz Meadows does her usual brilliant job of breaking down the recent controversy over YA Twitter.

16. You probably know by now that Lady Business won the Hugo award for Best Fanzine this year (eeee! And thank you!), but you may not know that women and women-led projects nearly swept the awards, with women or teams including women and non-binary people winning almost every award except for the Dramatic Presentation categories.

17. A Sweet Valley High movie is in the works. Not sure if want... except that it's being written by Kirsten Smith, screenwriter of Legally Blond and 10 Things I Hate About You. So color me cautiously optimistic, for now.

18. Here's a heartfelt plea from Tricia Ennis to cast an actress of color as Batgirl in the upcoming movie.


19. An older piece I only discovered this week: Alyssa Wong talks about why she writes horror.

Date: 2017-09-05 04:02 pm (UTC)
bookgazing: (Default)
From: [personal profile] bookgazing
Karen Gillan would be amazing as the Joker! She's already shown that she makes a fab villain even under tons of makeup.


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