Date: 2017-05-20 11:38 pm (UTC)
justira: A purple, gender-ambiguous unicorn pony in the style of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. (lady business)
From: [personal profile] justira
I am totally on board for inappropriate amounts of loving Aral Vorkosigan. I don't actually think a fetish for bi dudes in fiction is shameful, as bi dudes are waaaaay underrepresentd and seeing them in fiction, especially genre fiction, is delightful. If you have any recs along those lines, I'd love to hear!

Talk to me about Miles being sexist! As for Bothari, he's pretty terrible as a person, but I love him as a character. Kind of like Piotr? Piotr was a terror, but he was also a very effective character. I guess that's part of what I meant in my earlier comment about Miles. He's a very effective protagonist. I'm not really a fan of Miles/Quinn, especially not in Brothers in Arms, but I actually like Miles a lot in that book in terms of his relationships with Galeni and Mark. Miles + Mark I love in general, especially from Mark's perspective, because Miles has someone just as smart as him to needle him, as he richly deserves. Actually one of the plot threads I tried to lean on in my list, but couldn't reveal because SPOILERS (casual comment readers, that was your warning), is the whole thing with Mark Becomes A Real Boy. It's one reason I picked A Civil Campaign over any of the other latter-series books I could have gone with, because it doesn't exactly wrap up Mark's arc (I love hen he shows up in Cryoburn to pull everyone's ass out of the fire (LITERALLY XD)) but it does serve as some really nice punctuation to that. Actually, my favourite moment in A Civil Campaign is when Aral and Cordelia arrive home in time for the denouement of the disastrous dinner party and Kou is yelling at him like "Do you know what your son did?!?!" and Aral is just casually like "Which one?" ARAL. I love that man.

Aral/Jole discussion I will mostly save for the post about it, so I hope to see you there! I might add some thoughts about straight women writing queer male romance to that post, too.


It's true, Captain Vorpatril's Alliance does a lot for Ivan, and I actually love Ivan a lot. I loved him in Memory and was so glad for him to have POVs in A Civil Campaign, so I was excited for an Ivan book. I agree about Aral's failing as a father figure for him, and how Ivan's book really filled that void in his life and his relationship with his mother. Byerly I just adore straight up. As for Aral and Ivan and raising Miles... Miles... creates voids around himself throughout the series.

The series structure! Have you read Bujold's afterwords to the omnibuses? She talks in one of them (I forget which one... Young Miles?) about how writing a series is as different from writing a single novel as a novel is from a short story. I like that she takes this approach, because it really shows in her work on the Vorksigan Saga, especially considering she wrote them almost entirely out of chronological order! The Vorkosigan Saga works as a series better than any other series I can think of/have read.

Anyway, the Gentleman Jole post will hopefully be up soon so! Yeah =)
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