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Pitch Us!

Got a Pitch?

Do you need a home for something you've written? Do you have a great idea that's not quite right for a Twitter thread? Maybe Lady Business is the place for you!

Who Are We?

Lady Business is a fan-built project focusing on intersectional critique and nuanced commentary about media and culture. You can learn more about our project and who we are here. If you've got something interesting to say about a piece of media or cultural trend/artifact, we'd love to hear about it! Read some of what we've posted to get a feel for what we do around here. It's a lot to take in, so some good places to start are:

How to Submit

Send your pitch to us at at thisisladybusiness@gmail.com, Subject Line: "PITCH: Topic" and also include:
  • a 50-200 word summary of your idea and why you want to write about it
  • an approximate length you'd want to aim for
  • links to 1-2 pieces of other work you've done (it's okay if you don't have this yet; new voices welcome!)

Any specific topics/themes?

We also accept specific pitches for the following Lady Business column: Readers of the Lost ARC.


Lady Business is an all-volunteer fan project, so we aren't earning any money off this. We do have a Patreon where fans can support us, tip-jar style, but it's for project sustainability, outreach, and occasional giveaways to promote media we love. We're not raking in the dough while asking people to write for us for free, we promise; we can provide a breakdown of where our funds go on request.

We understand that this may be a nonstarter for some. However, if you like the look of Lady Business and you're happy with the terms we've stated please consider submitting. You'll get awesome editorial support from us, as well!