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Fanwork is awesome and sharing fanwork is even more awesome. Join us as we keymash and squee over our favorite fanwork, from fic (both written and podfic) to art to vids and meta and back again.

If you find something you love, we encourage you to comment/favorite and let the creator know you enjoyed their work. :D o/

Recommendations included:
  • Captain America — art (1)
  • Critical Role — art (2)
  • DC — art (1)
  • Dragon Age — art (1)
  • Gentleman Bastard — art (1)
  • Groundhog Day — vid (1)
  • Iron Man — (1)
  • Marvel — art (2)
  • MCU — fic (1)
  • Sailor Moon — art (1)
  • Star Wars — art (1)
  • Star Wars: Rogue One — art (1), cosplay (1)
  • Thor 3 — art (1)
  • Xena: Warrior Princess — cosplay (1)
  • Yuri!!! On Ice — art (1)


[ART] [DC] Masquerade Batwoman by [tumblr.com profile] kevinwada
Kate Kane looking amazing in an outfit I would totally wear.

[ART] [Marvel] Untitled by [tumblr.com profile] kevinwada(She-Hulk)
She-Hulk in boxing gear and all her swagger. I adore her.

[ART] [Star Wars] Bodhi as Finn’s mentor by [tumblr.com profile] lazy-afternooner
I have a lot of problems with Star Wars: Rogue One, and the lost potential of a lot of the characters is one of big ones. So it means a lot to see that fans are imagining what Bodhi’s life could have been in the Rebellion and the Resistance. And Bodhi and Finn would be such a great team!

[COSPLAY] [Star Wars: Rogue One] Chirrut Imwe by [deviantart.com profile] kimmazyck
This cosplayer already looks like a young Donnie Yen, so their Chirrut is just astonishingly dead-on.

[ART] [Star Wars: Rogue One] Untitled by [tumblr.com profile] gorlassar(Chirrut/Baze)
The anatomy and emotion in this piece is just SO beautiful here. They just love each other so much!!!

[COSPLAY] [Xena: Warrior Princess] Xena and Gabrielle by Bernadette Bentley and Cathy Kutz
I actually scrolled too fast by this and thought they were Lawless and O’Connor. Immaculate!


[ART] [Critical Role] A is for Ale by [tumblr.com profile] raphael2054 (Grog)
This fanart of Grog in the style of the Mr. Men/Little Miss characters is entirely adorable, and I would love to see a whole alphabet book like this.

[ART] [Critical Role] Threads and Fate by Amanda Lien [twitter.com profile] alienfirst (Vax, the Raven Queen)
Vax in the hands of the Raven Queen, a beautifully imagined moment from the space between episodes 88 and 89.

[ART] [Dragon Age] "Though darkness closes, I am shielded by flame by [tumblr.com profile] satuo-art (Leliana)
Beautiful watercolor of Leliana in DA: Inquisition.

[ART] [Gentleman Bastard Series] The Gentlewomen Bastards by [deviantart.com profile] s-p-n (Sabetha, Nazlin, Delmasto, Zamira, Selentri)
Portraits of some of the great female characters in the Gentleman Bastard books by Scott Lynch.

[VID] [Groundhog Day] Every Day in One Day by Neil Fennell (31:43) (Cast)
This edit of the movie Groundhog Day shows the events of each 24-hour iteration simultaneously, lining them up from the moment Phil wakes up to the very end of the day. It's long, so you may want to skip around, but it's fascinating to see how both the day and Phil's character evolve.

[FIC] [MCU] Walkin' After Midnight by [archiveofourown.org profile] brumeier (1000) (Bucky/Steve)
Sweet reunion fic grounded in appropriate music choices.


[ART] [Sailor Moon] Cute Usagi art by [twitter.com profile] mynare
This features a sweatshirt I also wish was real so I could wear it.

[ART] [Yuri!!! On Ice] Victor and Yuuri by [twitter.com profile] sinrannn
Domestic dish washing. *___*

[ART] [Captain America] Sam/Bucky by [tumblr.com profile] pium-poetam
I love the expressions here, plus the shading.

[ART] [Iron Man] Tony Stark by [tumblr.com profile] imalsoabignerd
I cry, I laugh, I cry some more. I lost it at "PTSD with friends". #ACCURATE

[ART] [Thor 3] Work friends by [twitter.com profile] danidraws
Everyone's seen the Thor 3 trailer, right? Well, if not don't click this. If you have DEFINITELY CLICK THIS, it's adorable.

[ART] [Marvel] The Heavens Tumble, Darling, and I'm— by [archiveofourown.org profile] ChibiSquirt (Steve/Tony) (8384 words) (NSFW)
This is a soulmark story I love that I reread recently because it was so cheering. It's all over happy and so it was right up my alley for my current mood.

What fanwork have you loved recently?
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