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[personal profile] renay2017-04-10 10:23 am

Let's Get Literate! Put a Little Spring in your TBR List

The first quarter of the year has come and gone and it's time for the second quarter, where book releases start picking up speed as we approach the event horizon of book release season in September, from which there is no return once you start down the path of adding books to your reading list (practice safe book adding, pals). I'm always running a bit behind because I do most of my reading from the library (ilu library!) but even though I may have to wait for some of these, I am excited for these books! Read more... )

Those are (some of) the books I'm excited for in the second quarter of 2017. Some are already out, like The House of Binding Thorns! What do you have on your anticipated list for the next few months?