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We Want It! Sequels and Follow ups We're Always Craving

Well, the election punched us hard in the mouth like we were Nazis in November and December, so we got a little behind on our Patreon-sponsored rec lists! For November's sponsored list, we did a little daydreaming about things we want to have sequels, from books to video games to podcasts.


poster for A Knight's Taleposter for Ghostbusters 2016poster for Pacific Rim

A Knight’s Tale I wish A Knight’s Tale had jumpstarted an entire genre of anachronistic medieval comedies, because it’s simply so good and weird and sublime.

Ghostbusters (2016) I might as well add my voice to the chorus that wants it. Kate McKinnon as Jillian Holtzmann is an experience.

Pacific Rim Okay, this is a bit of a cop out, since Pacific Rim 2 is a thing, but how amazing is it that it’s even a thing?


poster for Stick Itposter for Yuri on Iceposter for Dragon Age: Inquisition

Stick It (2006) — This is n obscure gymnastics movie that has Jeff Bridges in it and I love it to pieces, because in the end the conflict isn't some sort of catfight between two female rivals but is instead about the unfair system they compete under. I would love to see what the star, Haley Graham, gets up to after this story, maybe something with how the new gymnastics scoring system works?

Yuri!!! On Ice — Who doesn't want to see what Viktor and Yuri do next? Yuri has grown and changed a lot as a skater, and I'd love to see what new tensions there are, especially with their relationship established and in the open.

Dragon Age: Inquisition — This is maybe cheating, as I'm sure Bioware is and has been working on the sequel for like, ever, but I really want to see where the writers take this world next and how they deal with all the consequences. I still haven't played the DLCs, but do know some spoilers and like, Solas! SOLAS. Wat u do! I'm always fascinated to see how sequels work out for games with a large element of choice to them, so this should be interesting!

Sunshine by Robin McKinleyKJ got here first but I couldn't NOT mention this book, as it was my first experience in really NEEDING a sequel to something that basically was never going to happen. Like what is UP with Mel? What about the RIDICULOUS chemistry between Rae and Constantine? What about all that hinted-at worldbuilding? WHAT ABOUT IT AAAARGH WANT!


poster for Ghostbusters 2016poster for Suicide SquadSimon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli

Ghostbusters (2016) — KJ was the first person to slam this into our post but I really don't think there can be too much chatter about how we all want this sequel. Make this sequel!

Suicide Squad — I know tons of people hate this film (sometimes for good reason) but I'm not even a little bit sorry for including this on our list. For the sequel, I'd want the team pared back to Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Amanda Waller and Diablo (who is somehow still alive). And I'd want to see a drastically different creative team on board for the sequel. Apart from that I have absolutely no idea what Amanda Waller would have the team do but whatever idea she has I think it'd be fun to watch.

Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli — I would love to see a sequel about Simon & Bram dating and going off to college. Really, I would love a series that follows both of them for many years (whether they stay together or decide to see other people) and shows us how their lives pan out but a sequel would make me pretty cheerful too.


cover for Sunshine by Robin McKinleycover for The Goblin Emperor by Katherine Addisonposter for Final Fantasy XII

Sunshine by Robin McKinley — I am 95% certain that I won't be the only person to mention this book, because it is the most true and correct answer to the question. The story of Rae Seddon, cinnamon roll baker and vampire hunter, is so clearly the opener of a ten book series that I have no idea why McKinley thought she was writing a stand-alone. But… sigh. Anyway, it's still a great book and I highly recommend it, even though it will leave you craving more.

The Goblin Emperor by Katherine Addison — Also an origin story, the tale of Maya, the half-goblin bastard son who improbably ascends to the throne, is incredibly charming in its own right, but I would love to see a sequel about him growing into his kingship and seeing what kind of leader he might become. Also there was not nearly enough of his fiancé, a great character who could carry an entire novel on her own.

Ghostbusters: Answer the Call (aka Ghostbusters 2016) — C'mon, after that post-credits scene? We need the continuing adventures of this ghostbusting crew. Bring on the fight with Zuul!

Final Fantasy XII — There was technically a sequel to this game, FFXII: Revenant Wings, but since it was on a different platform and a completely different style of game (real-time strategy as opposed to JRPG), I have a hard time thinking that it counts. Apparently a full-blown RPG sequel was once in the works, but I believe it was scrapped. I've always wanted to know what happened next in Ivalice, with Ashe taking her throne and how the politics developed from there, and as much as I enjoy seeing that question answered in fanfic, I'm curious about an official take, too.


poster for Jupiter Ascendingcover for The Android's Dream by John Scalzicover for The Girls at the Kingfisher Club by Genevieve Valentine

Jupiter Ascending — I was part of that minority of people who watched Jupiter Ascending and found within it tons to love, from world building to cool SF gadgets to fun characters. I have no clue what a sequel would look like, but I would love to see Jupiter go back to space and have more adventures. Alas, this will probably be a thing I only get in my dreams or fanfic.

Mystery Show — I loved this podcast so much; it was one of my favorites of 2015. After complete silence for the whole of 2016, it seems like that first, perfect season will be all we get. I keep hoping to wake up one day and see a brand new episode, because Mystery Show combined curiosity, humanity, and compassion together in such a fascinating, unique way. If you haven't listened to the six available episodes, I highly recommend them, and then you can join me in my "Please Have a Second Season" clubhouse.

The Android's Dream by John Scalzi — As soon as I finished The Android's Dream, I reread it. And then I started hoping for a sequel. When I found evidence of a potential sequel on Goodreads, I was ecstatic, but this is one of the only mentions I've seen, unless I have missed a reference on Scalzi's blog in light of his big contract with Tor. I will continue to be patient, because that contract is big and hopefully this is a book that will sneak in there somewhere down the road.

Sunshine by Robin McKinley — KJ was right! Has there ever been a book I wanted a sequel to more than Sunshine? I have reread this book so many times and looked at the world building and shaken my fist at the sky, because this seriously reads like a series opener. Alas, this is the only book we got. I'm rereading this book this year for a long form discussion on Fangirl Happy Hour sometime in March, and I'm excited.

The Girls at the Kingfisher Club by Genevieve Valentine — This charming, beautiful book adapts the fairytale of the Twelve Dancing Princesses to 1920s New York. It's a story about sisters, trust, choice, and finding fulfillment in an oppressive world. I thought it was lovely, and although I'm not sure what I would want, exactly, from a sequel, I would just love to spend time with these women again to see where they went, how they succeeded, and how they lived. If you like fairytale adaptations or books where the central relationships are between women, I highly recommended this novel.


cover for The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvatercover for We Go Around in the Night and Are Consumed By Fire by Jules Grantposter for Push

The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater — I am absolutely content with this as a standalone story about families and love and killer horses rising from the sea, but if Maggie Stiefvater announced a follow-up story talking about what happened after and how life changed on Thisby in general, and specifically for Puck and Sean (and Puck's family, found or otherwise – and –), I think I'd just give her all of my money immediately. The impact of the race would have to have ripple effects, and I would be so interested in seeing what they are.

Push — (Or, the other other superhero franchise that Chris Evans was a lead in). This film had so many flaws, but the world building and the use of superpowers was great, and I am very invested in Nick and Cassie being the best (and also worst) found family and rescuing Cassie's mother. It's never going to happen, but I can dream.

We Go Around In The Night and Are Consumed By Fire by Jules Grant — I keep checking GoodReads periodically because surely the sequel where Donna takes over a prison, leads a jailbreak, and breaks the hearts of women left-right-and-centre has to be out by now, and it's still not.

Library Wars: Love and War by Kiiro Yumi — I appreciate that there is a light novel series and an anime and a live action movie that I could be consuming instead, but honestly I miss this manga series. Iku worked so hard, and seeing her get to enjoy the rewards she earned in the medium I first met her would mean so much to me.

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This is an A+ list. I vigorously endorse the Ghostbusters one, and I also add that I would like a sequel slash franchise for the new Man from UNCLE movie, which was an absolute treasure and I wanted fifteen more of those characters doing spy stuff all over the country. What a great idea.
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Great list! I love the repetitions though, the shared love is as joyful as all the new stuff!