Sep. 6th, 2016

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Hello, friends! Recently, the sequel to Court of Fives by Kate Elliott, Poisoned Blade, dropped into the world. You can read it right now from your preferred book retailer or perhaps your public library. :D

To celebrate its release, we're inviting people to get in on the ground floor of the series by giving away a copy of Court of Fives. We're also going to give away a copy of Poisoned Blade to go with it because we're so excited about it. If you haven't tried this series yet, we encourage you to enter. Come suffer with the rest of us as this series tortures our emotions until the release of Buried Heart next year.

To enter, visit to fill out the form or click on the images below. This giveaway is open internationally. :) As always with our giveaways, there's an option to share a favorite fantasy series by a lady/non-binary/POC author as part of entering in the comments (per our comment policy). SPOILER: you can share your favorite even without entering! We don't mind!

(Okay, fine, that's not really a spoiler. We're predictable.)

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A few years ago after I fell in love with Kate Elliott's Spiritwalker series, I became determined to read all her work because I loved the ideas she was exploring, the makeup of her worlds, and the way she focused on the inner lives of women while still creating interesting men without letting them take over the narrative. According to popular culture, this can be Very Difficult because Dudes are "Normal" and "Easier to Write".

Also, SPOILER: A Passage of Stars totally delivers on the cool leading lady, with some caveats for extremely dubious consent issues re: the central het...romance? I'll return to that point later.

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