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Sidetracks is a collaborative project featuring various essays, videos, reviews, or other Internet content that we want to share with each other. All past and current links for the Sidetracks project can be found in our Sidetracks tag.


➝ Here’s Genevieve Valentine on "Flushbulb Diplomacy" to promote her new book, Icon.

Here’s N. K. Jemisin on J.K. Rowling and her appropriation of Native American culture for Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them’s supplemental material.


➝ So many things happened in my tiny country recently that it's hard to sum up. The Tory leadership contest (to decide who will be Prime Minister when David Cameron leaves) got underway. Boris Johnson (one of the major players in pushing the country to leave the EU) decided not to stand for Prime Minister. We all realised there is no good outcome to this leadership race because IT'S THE TORY PARTY. Labour, the opposition party, decided now would be a great time to try to ditch their leader. Nigel Farage (a really racist politician) said he's going to step down from leading his (really racist) political party because he "wants his life back". And jackasses all over the country started saying things like 'There's no reason we should accept European limits on how many hours people do in the office.' This guy also think companies will be keen to negotiate fair parental leave and 'provide what people need because they want to hire the best people for the job.' >.>

27 Times Idris Elba Was Too Fine For Life came out at exactly the right time, is what I'm saying.

➝ You may also enjoy this Tumblr from a family that cosplays Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Here's the whole family. Here is the first birthday cake they got their daughter!

➝ Ana's recent post Becoming is a great read about how books make a person, and how issues of access are political and affect us all:

My reading this year has felt vital in a way it hadn’t in some time, for various reasons. Rereading Earthsea, discovering Maggie Nelson or Adrienne Rich, spending four days doing little but read Martha Nussbaum on my living room floor: it has all been about becoming. I’ve been following trains of thought from book to book, across space and time; I've been delving into ideas that feel absolutely crucial to how I want to live my life. I’ve been, to quote Rich, able to "allow what [I’m] reading to pierce the routines, safe and impermeable, in which ordinary canal life is tracked, charted, channelled" — she calls this "to read as if your life depended on it". Or to quote Richard Wright, I’ve felt as if my reading has "made the world around me be, throb, live. (…) My sense of life deepened and the feel of things was different, somehow."

Jenny reviewed Angry White People, a book I have been eyeing in our shop.

➝ I discovered the Marvel gifs Twitter account via Jon Bernthal's face. I already watched a (very good) Punisher fanvid and I'm very aware the new series will be everything I don't want more of from TV but Jon Bernthall so...


Gender Representation in Board Game Cover Art: Erin Ryan crunches the numbers and discovers that you're more likely to see a sheep than a group of women on the cover of a board game:

Only 5% of games featured only women on the cover, and 5.8% featured a group of people made up primarily of women. Mixed groups with an equal number of men and women made up 7.9% of the games, and mixed groups featuring primarily men made up another 18.7%. The final 62.6% of games had covers that featured only men.

By comparison, 7.5% of games featured sheep on the cover.

I wish I could be more surprised.

➝ Leslie Jones, one of the stars of the new Ghostbusters movie, had a hard time finding a designer willing to dress her for the premiere. Teresa Jusino of The Mary Sue explains some of the biases inherent in the fashion industry, and points out the ridiculousness of blaming Jones for the problem. (In the end, Cristian Soriano stepped up and did a fantastic job.)

Riri, Rhodey, and Re-Skinning: How Marvel is Misunderstanding Diversity: Excellent take on the problems inherent with adding characters of diverse backgrounds to comics without simultaneously hiring more diverse creators.


Queer Terminologies: LGBTQ Histories and the Semantics of Sexuality — Look at all of these different approaches to applying LGBTQ terms and identifiers to history! And to different contemporary cultures! Even though there's not a consensus, this discussion is like catnip to me.

This is a pretty useful set of tips on how to find out of print manga for reasonable prices — which reminds me, I need to see if I can source the CMX translation of From Eroica With Love...

Kameron Hurley goes over Joanna Russ' How To Suppress Women's Writing for a modern audience and it's still infuriating to see that the exact same techniques are used to silence and derail as when the original was written.

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I loved seeing that Hurley essay in her new collection. One of the strongest pieces. 'But look what she wrote about...' is probably the most infuriating tactic for me.


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