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Fanwork is awesome and sharing fanwork is even more awesome. Join us as we keymash and squee over our favorite fanwork, from fic (both written and podfic) to art to vids and meta and back again.

Recommendations included:
  • Avengers Academy — art (1)
  • Captain America: Civil War — meta (1)
  • Crossover: Captain Marvel/Supergirl — art (1)
  • Crossover: Rainbow Brite/X-Men — art (1)
  • DC — fic (1)
  • Disney — art (2)
  • Dragon Age — art (1)
  • Final Fantasy XII — art (1)
  • Jupiter Ascending — fic (1)
  • Legend of Zelda — art (1)
  • Okami — art (1)
  • Marvel — art (1)
  • Megaman — art (1)
  • Pluto — art (1)
  • Sailor Moon — art (1)
  • Shadow of the Colossus — art (1)
  • Star Wars — art (3), vid (1)
  • Transistor — art (1)
  • Treasure Planet — cosplay (1)


[ART] [Disney] Yzma is Best Princess by [tumblr.com profile] charamath (Yzma, various Disney characters)
This magical series is gloriously described by its title, in which Yzma takes the place of various Disney princesses (including Leia). Done in charming watercolours.

[ART] [Disney] I did a thing for a contest and I think it turned out pretty durn cute by [tumblr.com profile] dmolech (Esmeralda, Mulan, Tiana, Pocahontas, Jasmine, Nani)
This is an absolutely gorgeous piece focusing on Disney women of colour and their hair. I love the way the hair is rendered, and everyone looks spot-on and great.

[ART] [Sailor Moon] Magical Girl by [tumblr.com profile] madoka07 (Usagi)
Not only does this have a cute and super well done portrait of Usagi, but it shows the creation of it step by step! It's so involved and intricate; I learned a lot just by looking at this.

[ART] [Final Fantasy XII] Some sky pirates by [tumblr.com profile] irrationalnumber (Balthier, Fran, Nono)
This is an awesome portrait of the crew, fierce and cocky and grinning by turns. I love the sketchy lines; they have so much character.

[ART] [Legend of Zelda, Okami, Megaman, Shadow of the Colossus] Custom Video Game Shoes by Bobsmade (Link, Zelda, Skull Kid, Megaman, Wander, Amaterasu)
Shoes! With video game art on them! So cool! These are stunning, with amazing colours and great details and precisely matching the game styles and basically I want 50.

[ART] [Star Wars: The Force Awakens] SW Regency AU Captain Phasma by [tumblr.com profile] therealmcgee (Captain Phasma)
It's what it says on the tin: Regency AU, Captain Phasma looking competent and fearsome and gorgeous.

[COSPLAY] [Disney's Treasure Planet] Captain Amelia from Treasure Planet by [deviantart.com profile] ryoko-demon (Captain Amelia)
This is absolutely stunning cosplay and prop work by a cosplayer who never fails to deliver. The gun is amazing and the cosplay overall just looks awesome. Those are some serious boots!


[FIC] [DC Universe] Untitled by weedhorse69 (Jimmy Olsen/OC)
Superman and friends critique some fan art. Told in a series of texts between Jimmy Olsen and the artist, his boyfriend Kyle. Only available in image form, unfortunately (no transcript that I could find).

[ART] [Dragon Age] Dragon Age Ladies + Backstories by [tumblr.com profile] terra-7 (Cassandra, Leliana, Josephine, Celine, Briala, Morrigan, Flemeth)
Beautiful minimialist art capturing a moment in each woman's past. Implied spoilers for DA: Inquisition.

[VID] [Star Wars] Star Wars - Danger Zone - Kenny Loggins by Westen Wong (3:36) (Cast)
Epic cut of all the Star Wars dogfights to the Kenny Loggins song (which you may remember from the movie Top Gun). Excellent synchronization work.

[META] [MCU (Captain America: Civil War)] The Accords Were Always a Disaster in the Making by [tumblr.com profile] teatotally (1500) (Tony Stark, James Rhodes, Steve Rogers)
Spoilers for Captain America: Civil War. Thoughtful and well-argued post about why UN is a terrible choice for superhero oversight, with lots of historical examples. Good commentary in the notes.


[ART] [Avengers Academy] wanna stop for a selfie? by [tumblr.com profile] iwaki (Tony & Jan)
My favorite thing about Avengers Academy when I started was this awesome, supportive friendship between Tony and Jan. They're so funny together and Jan is the greatest, like, Marvel, how could you have missed out having Jan in EVERYTHING???? This art definitely captures the cuteness level of their friendship. Such great color and charm. :D

[ART] [Captain Marvel/Supergirl] Carol & Kara by [tumblr.com profile] comickergirl
I love the thought of this team up and the first piece of art, but the bonus comic is WONDERFUL and has great comedic timing and I'm in love with this whole scenario and need the fic for it immediately. :D

[ART] [Marvel] Steve & Tony by [tumblr.com profile] hello-shellhead (NSFW)
Have I shared this yet? I feel like I have, maybe multiple times. But whatever, it's never too late to share it again and point out how GREAT the colors are and how CUTE Steve's blush is and how MUCH I love Tony's smile. :D

[ART] [Rainbow Brite/X-Men] Dazzle Brite and The Xolor kids [tumblr.com profile] ragegearstudios
Rainbow Brite was an integral part of my childhood and when I saw this art I was HOOKED. It's such a creative mashup that does a great job of balancing both canons. I'm in love. :D

[ART] [Star Wars: The Force Awakens] Rey & BB-8 by [tumblr.com profile] jigokuen
This is a gorgeous piece using light and shadow! I also really love the body language of both Rey and BB-8, too. Super pretty!

[ART] [Star Wars] StormPilot - Inebriating by [tumblr.com profile] auroralynne (Poe/Finn) (NSFW)
Hello, friends! If you would like some very sexy Poe/Finn art which include muscles, I suggest you open this link immediately because it is great. You are welcome.


[FIC] [Jupiter Ascending] A Little Above This Difficult World by [archiveofourown.org profile] splash_the_cat (2942 words) (Nino, Aleksa, background Jupiter/Caine)
I really liked this, it's a quiet story about Caine meeting Jupiter's mother and aunt, and Nino's take on it. I think it's a great character study! It has Aleksa's (completely justified) mistrust contrasting really nicely against Nino's instincts, and I like that it respects both of their points of views? (Also Nino wanting to draw up Caine's chart gives me life.)

[ART] [Pluto] 500 zeus a body by [twitter.com profile] wratshit (Gesicht)
This art has a sketchy look but still manages to really capture the feel and style of the series, and the horror that always accompanies that line and that chip! A+.

[ART] [Transistor] We All Become (1) and We All Become (2) by kelly_mckernan (Red, the transistor)
This art is really cool and detailed! My brain is pinging it as the proportions seeming off, although I couldn't tell you in which way specifically, but I love the colours and the mix of flats and shading and the background is really neat. (I... Honestly kinda prefer this in-progress shot, but I couldn't tell you if that's because the proportions look better at that angle or if it's just that I like the contrast between the pure white circles and all of the colours.)


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