Mar. 14th, 2016

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I have a cold. I'm blaming climate change and El NiƱo for screwing up winter; Arkansas practically had no winter at all and there were mosquitos out in January and I'm considering bug spray for my walks in the morning already. I've had a sore throat since March 3, I'm grumpy because of the time change, and I'm behind on everything it's possible to be behind on (especially laundry).

Last week I felt like sludge scooped out of the gutter, microwaved, stirred into some sawdust, and then poured into a human skin. But it turns out I'm not contagious and I don't have an infection; my allergies are making me feel like a sentient, oozing blob which is unreal because at one point last week I couldn't swallow without feeling like I had tilted a barrel of radioactive acid down my throat. I'm behind. I'm going to stay behind for awhile. Learn to live with the disappointments of your super organic and fallible meat suit, Renay!

CHALLENGE: 100 Unique Women Writers )

I finished Illuminae and then got over-excited when I hit the library to pick up Legend:

I couldn't resist, but my allergies may get the last word on finishing this glut of books this considering I have the mental fortitude of an anesthetized toad. I remain glad I wrote up most of my comic book commentary before I got ill.

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