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Adventures Elsewhere collects our reviews, guest posts, articles, and other content we've spread across the Internet recently! See what we've been up in our other projects. :D


I reviewed the first volume of Ms. Marvel and loved it.

I also watched Sailor Moon S for the very first time and reviewed it. I also loved it, because I love Sailor Moon as a space to have much more nuanced conversations about gender, like that episode where Makoto starts to see Haruka as a possibility model.


Aikonia Comis Chapter 6 Page 12 — I sketched and inked a page of Madsoft Games's Aikonia webcomic! I had a lot of fun with this one trying to capture Kat's expressions!


Ana and I released a few episodes of Fangirl Happy Hour! WE'RE BACK ON TARGET FOR BEING A BI-WEEKLY PODCAST. This will probably last three months.

  • Ant-Man — We had MCU Correspondent [personal profile] owlmoose on to discuss Ant-Man and it just became 45 minutes of us rapturing about Hope Van Dyne.
  • I Did Not See That Coming — We discussed The Fifth Season, Lumberjanes #17, and The Wicked + The Divine Volume 1: The Faust Act. Also I think this is the episode where I use the word "dick" the most in one segment. Maybe.
  • Triple Delight — We talked about Check, Please, a SUPER ADORABLE hockey comic, Sorcerer to the Crown (along with some Jane Austen Tangents, as you do), and grudgingly praised the second half of Agents of SHIELD Season 2.

➝ I wrote about some of my favorite women and girls in science fiction and fantasy over at Barnes & Noble. I could probably write one of these every month. :D

The G invited me over tor Tor.com to talk about things I would love to see in the Old Man's War universe now that Scalzi has said there will be another story due to his long contract with Tor Books. It will come as no surprise the characters I want him to feature, probably. Dear John Scalzi, hear my ~fangirl plea~ for a book with an explicitly female character just as awesome as Zoe's Tale. Bonus points if she has a cool girlfriend!

➝ My latest Strange Horizons column, Communities: Unlimited Queer Stories for Free, went live (they're still doing fund drive stuff! Support a great magazine today if you can!).

➝ Some of the B&N folks got together and listed things we loved in September. We had to choose one thing each so I agonized over it. But Saga was so good this time around. Family. ♥__♥


➝ During September, I experimented with posting a piece of fiction every day! I'm really proud that I managed it, even if some of the pieces aren't as high quality as I'd like. The pieces I think are most fit for public consumption are:


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