Sep. 21st, 2015

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We're pleased to announce that we're expanding our ranks and welcoming three additional contributing editors to Lady Business. Please say hello to Clare, Ira, and Susan!

Clare has written multiple excellent guest posts for us, like the ever-popular essay A History of Western Media Fandom and Christ, I Miss The Cold War: Judi Dench's M, and is currently contributing to the ongoing Xena: The Warrior Princess project with Renay. We're happy more of Clare's insights into pop culture and fannish history will be appearing at Lady Business.

Ira has written several awesome guest posts for us in 2015, like Dragon Age: Inquisition -- Glimmering Gems in a Morass of Disappointment and Sites of Transgression and Bisexual Themes in Agent Carter. They also designed, drew, and colored the cute pony art that we use to represent editors. We're excited to feature more of Ira's perspective on gender, art, and history.

Susan's most recent guest post was Red, Green, Blue (Mass Effect), an attempt to convince people to play a certain life-ruining, soul-crushing video game (thanks for the emotional trauma). She also contributed one of the first rec lists to the early days of Lady Business! We're stoked to have even more of Susan's point of view on video games, manga, and super classy M/M erotica here at the blog.

Onward, to learn more about the new faces you'll be seeing! :D

New Lady Business Editors! )

Please give them a warm welcome to the Lady Business team! :D


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