Jul. 13th, 2015

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Reading the last few weeks has been slow and plodding. I've been ill and tired so it takes me forever to read everything. Also, my focus is really shot. I read an entire volume of Hawkeye the other day and then realized I remembered the first issue in the collection and absolutely nothing else. I had to a) take a nap and then b) re-read, with lots of breaks, before I could retain what happened. Everything takes so much energy. This post took me three days to write, as well. Chronic illnesses, my friends: do not recommend.

The last few weeks:

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This is the week I read The End of All Things by John Scalzi. I have my ARC. I have my feelings. I'M READY. (It's a lie. I'm not ready. I'm so not ready I haven't even read The Human Division which is also happening this week. Does anyone else go through this anxiety over series they love having new books but being utterly terrified you won't love them and it'll ruin everything and you'll sink into a deep sadness and your love for the series will never recover? And so, the books come out and you get them but never read this? I'm such a weirdo. Why am I this way?)


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