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Fanwork Recs - March 30, 2015

Fanwork is awesome and sharing fanwork is even more awesome. Join us as we keymash and squee over our favorite fanwork, from fic (both written and podfic) to art to vids and meta and back again.

Recommendations included:
  • Agent Carter — art (1)
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender — art (1)
  • Captain America — art (3)
  • DC Trinity — art (1)
  • Iron Man — art (1)
  • Ms. Marvel — art (1)
  • slashreport — podcast (1)
  • Teen Wolf — art (1)
  • Terry Pratchett — art (1)

text that says Renay's Section

Life has been wild, friends! It's like my life transformed into a pack of excited horses and went galloping along without any warning. I'm out of most of the fannish loops. I'm behind! I have too many projects and somehow this month I've read 34 individual things between short fiction and novels, had a small emotional breakdown and decided I am never going into self-publishing, and fallen down and injured myself twice. I've read and watched some things, but I wanted to comment on them/reblog them before reccing them. Well, I've reread On The Other Side of a Downward Spiral about a zillion times. But I've recced it already! I'VE RECCED IT UNTIL PEOPLE RUN FROM ME SCREAMING WHEN I MENTION IT.

Anyway, let's talk about some fan work and not my obsessions with baby fic (please someone write the Natasha/Maria baby fic I've been pining for for six months).

[PODCAST] [slashreport] 507 Theory of Fic Gate, Series Finales
A few weeks ago there was a huge to-do in fandom about a course at a college where student teachers were teaching fanfic which resulted in some not-great comments and engagement for fan writers. This podcast was superb about summing the issue up and talking about some of the issues and the consequences of the whole situation, some of which are very sad on both sides. As per usual the analysis is excellent, so this episode is highly recommended.

[ART] [Agent Carter] Agent Peggy Carter by [tumblr.com profile] philnoto
PHIL NOTO DRAWING PEGGY CARTER FANART. brb laying down on the floor to die of happiness.

[ART] [Avatar: The Last Airbender] "I rise with the moon" by [tumblr.com profile] nymre (Katara)
The water here is gorgeously done, and I love the mirror of her pose and the moon. The pose is full of great movement, too; her waist, her legs, and her hair.

[ART] [Captain America: The Winter Soldier] Bucky Barnes in Training by [tumblr.com profile] illustratedkate
This is very relevant to my interests. I'm fully on board with the request to make this happen in Civil War. Come on, The Avengers gave us Steve working the heavy bag, I don't see why they can't slide in a little Bucky Barnes objectification in, too. I love all the movement in these poses. If you like Bucky Barnes working out with his hair in a bun, well, run don't walk, friends!

[ART] [Captain America] Steve/Peggy by [tumblr.com profile] kelslk

[ART] [Iron Man] Tony Stark by [tumblr.com profile] erinkkavanagh
Ahhh, I really love this style; the bold lines and the colors! But what makes this work super well is Tony's slightly smug, slightly confident smirk, and the ownership of the space he's inhabiting. Perfect characterization. ♥

[ART] [Teen Wolf] That man is rich whose pleasures are the cheapest by [tumblr.com profile] artofobsession (Derek/Stiles)
I miss writing these two jerks. Great if you like make outs! Also great if, like me, you love art full of yearning because you want everything. (Their expressions.)

text that says Jodie's Section

[ART] [Terry Pratchett] 'just think of it as leaving early to avoid the rush.' by [tumblr.com profile] emegustart (Terry Pratchett, Death) (warnings: death)
A great tribute to Terry Pratchett who will be much missed.

[ART] [Ms. Marvel] one day by [tumblr.com profile] sirdef (Kamala Khan)
Love this image of the current Ms. Marvel standing at the foot of the Avenger's HQ. The image has a really light feel to it and the blue sky makes it feel like a hopeful image that tells the reader Kamala will only find good things if she ventures into the tower.

[ART] [DC Trinity] Trinity by Stephen Byrne (Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman)
Woah. Some very cool illustrations of the big three in streetwear versions of their costumes. Bruce Wayne with sunglasses and leather beats out suited Bruce Wayne any day, but Diana takes centre stage as a goddess with a killer jacket should.

[ART] [Winter Soldier] Untitled by [tumblr.com profile] shamolock (Bucky Barnes/Steve Rogers)
Renay, have some push ups from your favourite fandom pair. Bucky is taking an selfie to appropriately capture the ridiculousness of the situation. :P
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Y'all have the BEST art recs. Seriously, I'm so glad you put these lists together; they make my mornings awesome and you have great taste. :D