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February — the month that feels both long and endless but stops abruptly as it gives way to March. We accomplished a lot this month! Let's recap.

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In our regularly scheduled features, we did episodes of Sidetracks on February 9 and February 23. The latter contains yet another discussion of ways we wish the Hugos were different, because no one ever gets enough of those. Fanwork Recs came around on February 2 and February 16.

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Jodie added several Short Business columns to our short fiction review horde: "Four Steps to the Perfect Smoky Eye" and "The End of the World in Five Dates", both by Claire Humphrey, and "Never the Same" by Polenth Blake.

We launched a new recommendation feature, Maps & Legends, which will probably come around every few months, with the question What books are on your auto-recommend list? The stories people shared were lovely, and we compiled the straight list and posted it over on our tumblr.

Clare & Renay's Adventures in Xena logo

In an exciting new adventure, Clare and Renay launched their project to watch and discuss all the episodes of Xena. Spoilers abound, but if you've seen the show we'd love to have you along. :D Thoughts about Episode 101, "Sins of the Past" and Episode 102, "Chariots of War" went up this month.

We had several guest come over this month, too. [personal profile] forestofglory came over to recommend favorite short fiction of 2014 and Memory joined us to talk about the Best Graphic Story category at the Hugo Awards.

cover of Station Eleven     cover of The Very Best of Kate Elliott     cover of Fortune's Pawn

Book-wise this month, Renay reviewed Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel and The Very Best of Kate Elliott by Kate Elliott (she also made a bingo card of Kate Elliott's back list for fun). Jodie dived into some fun science fiction and answered the discussion questions from the SFF Women Book Club about Fortune's Pawn by Rachel Bach.

It was a great month and we had a lot of fun. Time to tackle March!


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