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Fanwork is awesome and sharing fanwork is even more awesome. Join us as we keymash and squee over our favorite fanwork, from fic (both written and podfic) to art to vids and meta and back again.

Recommendations included:

  • Agent Carter — gifset (1)
  • Captain America — art (1), vid (1), meta (1)
  • Hawkeye — cosplay (1)
  • Marvel — art (1)
  • MCU — art (1)
  • Poison Ivy — cosplay (1)
  • Scott & Bailey — fic (1)
  • Taylor Swift — art (1)
  • Teen Wolf — art (2)
  • The 100 — fic (1)
  • The Bletchley Circle — fic (1)

text that says Renay's Section

[VID] [Captain America: The Winter Soldier] The Heart Wants What It Wants by [personal profile] talitha78 (3:38) (Steve/Bucky) (also available on tumblr)
Friends, let me tell you of my expansive love for pop music and how much I enjoy when people vid to it! Put into physical form, it would be the size of a small satellite, perhaps the size of the Moon. I've got a lot of love to give for excellent pop music vids, and vid is so wonderful! I want to shower it with hearts. I've been flinging it at people since I first watched it. Well, okay, maybe I watched it a dozen times or so, then I started flinging it at people. The song is slower than I usually listen to, and this has long been a stumbling block for me with vids, because I'm much more comfortable with faster, high tempo music when paired with the visuals, but this vid knocks matching the cuts with the more meandering beat out of the park. And it does such wonderful pairing of the lyrics with the clips that often it's like "OW VID, WHY DID YOU DO THAT, IT HURT, please do it again?" and it does. The bridge is my favorite section, but the "advice" parts of the lyrics paired with the sections of the films is heart-wrenching, as well. 16 enthusiastic stars, would cry over Bucky Barnes again.

[ART] [Captain America: The Winter Soldier] Steve/Bucky by [tumblr.com profile] hak-kun
Oh, don't mind me. I'm only continuing to be a complete sap for these assholes in bed together under soft lighting, sleeping peacefully. I'll be face planted into a tissue box if you need me.

[META] [Captain America: The Winter Soldier] How the Winter Soldier shot Nick Fury by [tumblr.com profile] charlesanthonybruno (900 words) (Nick Fury, The Winter Soldier)
Excellent meta about how Nick Fury getting shot went down. I, too, before I saw the film the third time (shut up everyone judging me), thought Fury was shot through a window. But this meta lays out how that isn't true, with evidence! And, you know, heartbreak. *weeps*

[ART] [MCU] gotta catch 'em all by [tumblr.com profile] nogutsnoglory (The Hulk, Ensemble)
This is so adorable.

[ART] [Teen Wolf] Braeden by [tumblr.com profile] komisaari
Super gorgeous piece of Braeden! The texture on this is wonderful.

[ART] [Teen Wolf] Derek Hale by [tumblr.com profile] akimao
I love the colors in this, and the pose. So pretty. ♥

text that says Jodie's Section

[FIC] [The 100] This is a place where I don't feel alone by [archiveofourown.org profile] ferggirl (2,966 words) (Raven Reyes, Finn Collins, Clarke Griffin, Wick)
I got a fic about Raven Reyes for Yuletide and it was great!:D It plays with one of my favourite dual realities — how a character can be demonstrably the best in so many areas, and know how awesome they are, and yet still be emotionally vulnerable and unsure.

[FIC] [The Bletchley Circle, Scott & Bailey] The Shape of Things to Come by [archiveofourown.org profile] RidiculousMavis (5,498 words) (Janet Scott, Rachel Bailey, Gill Murray, Jean McBride, Mille, Alice Merren, Lucy Davis)
I was a lucky Yuletider indeed this year because I got two presents. [archiveofourown.org profile] RidiculousMavis wrote me the awesome Bletchley Circle/Scott & Bailey crossover that I never thought would actually exist, but which makes so much sense in my head. And then she threw in a Crimson Fields reference just for fun. The Scott & Bailey team work on a cold case which the Bletchley women were involved in, and Janet gets caught up in their history. My favourite parts are the transcript of Mille's interview, all the casual friendship banter between Janet & Rachel, and Janet thinking about feminist history.

[COSPLAY] [Hawkeye] Punk!Hawkeye by [tumblr.com profile] vagabondcode (Hawkeye)
Officially the coolest Hawkeye cosplayer you will see today. This costume is based on Matt Fraction and David Aja's Hawkeye, and I love all the purple accessories which match the colouring of the comics. The mixed purple and bleach wash on the cosplayer's mohawk is also rocking.

[COSPLAY] [Poison Ivy] Pirate Poison Ivy by [tumblr.com profile] arsenicinshell (Poison Ivy)
Ladies, please never stop doing pirate cosplay. This is a very cool example of mixing comics and pirates (perhaps somewhere there are comics about pirates?). I especially dig the boots and the hat, which is just so gloriously over the top. I like to think all those feathers are keeping a nest of parrot eggs warm.

[ART] [Taylor Swift] Untitled by [tumblr.com profile] whowantstobuildasnowman (The girls from You Belong With Me)
[tumblr.com profile] whowantstobuildasnowman used lyrics from Taylor Swift's song You Belong With Me (famous on the internet for being full of sexist ideas) to create a lesbian love story with a happy ending. It's pretty cute, and I love the way the lettering style and the soft colouring seem to emphasise the feeling that this is a warm, fuzzy high school story.

[ART] [Marvel] Marvel art collection by rahzzah (Storm, Captain Marvel, Wonderwomen, She-Hulk)
My personal favourites are punk Storm with her mohawk and leather waistcoat (also love all the relevant character detailing on her armband and patches) and body building She-Hulk taking a selfie at the gym, but they're all great. And the colours on them are so rich.

[GIFSET] [Agent Carter] Untitled by [tumblr.com profile] melindaqiaolianmays (Peggy Carter)
I'm loving the 'She is beauty, she is grace...' image meme that's going around for female characters right now. My favourite so far is this one of Peggy Carter. Sometimes I just want to see a historical heroine hit a guy in the face.

Date: 2015-01-19 10:46 am (UTC)
bookgazing: (Default)
From: [personal profile] bookgazing
That MCU art is so cute.

Date: 2015-01-19 08:18 pm (UTC)
bluemeridian: Bright red autumn olive berries (Default)
From: [personal profile] bluemeridian
You guys always provide a quality mix of recs. Thank you for these posts!

Date: 2015-01-21 12:36 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] theliteraryomnivore.wordpress.com
Always and forever here for punk Storm. And Peggy Carter.


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