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By day, Zach is a mild-mannered computer programmer. By night, he naps and browses Reddit and also makes me dinner, which I always appreciate. He doesn't blog much, and when he does it's so short he should probably be using Twitter, which he has at [ profile] echthroi. What he lacks in verve and volume he makes up for with large volumes of dry humor, random bursts of insight you only realize were insightful three days later, and sheer apathy. When faced with a project that requires the participants to really and truly care about self-improvement, what better person to scoop up than the dude who barely reads and demand he accept your reading challenge?

Renay: Zach! Thank you for joining us for lady fun times in 2012. Since you'll be appearing here throughout the year after I prod or bribe you (with Godiva truffles) into follow-up posts, you should share a little about yourself so Ana and Jodie know what they're getting into accepting this wacky plan of mine. Please tell me your hopes, dreams, and your favorite type of books (which will soon become of Key Importance).

Zachariah: Right, nothing says slow-ball opening question like “What are your lifelong aspirations?!” :D I believe you already have the answer to that one though (you DID mention Godiva chocolate), so moving on to favorite books...I go classic nerd all the way with Sci-Fi and Fantasy. I have a fondness for books with whiz-bang plots and zero character development, but I have been tempted into deeper waters once or twice.

Renay: It's the "once or twice" part that interests me. Sometime mid-2011 I asked you how many books by women you had read. At the time, the answer was zero. Of course, you only had seven books when I posed the question, but looking back, what did you think about only having read men every time you chose a book?

Zachariah: I felt pretty ambivalent about it. One the one hand, it was seven books by four authors; two of them were actually re-reads of some of my favorite books, and another two were direct sequels to something I had just read. So there was more going on with the book choices than the normal pseudo-chaos of book selection. On the other hand, I’m not facing a shortage of known-to-be-awesome books by women in my home bookshelves, so it was interesting to me that I hadn’t read at least one female author yet in 2011.

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