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ladybusiness: Group shot of three My Little Ponys (feminist ponies)

Lady Business

this is feminism x it is not scary pet the pretty feminist pony xx

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Created on 2011-01-10 10:45:48 (#686453), last updated 2015-03-31 (1 hour ago)

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Name:Lady Business
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Community description:Ladies are fucking hot, no lie.
Lady Business was created in January of 2011 and opened in March 2011. We talk about the politics of reading, tame unicorns, face punch people with feminist clue bats, read things outside our purview because rules are made to be broken, wrestle impostor syndrome, cheat on books with other media, pile new books onto our reading pile, and spend lots of time being awesome.

In this space there will be serious business, critiquing texts from a feminist perspective, high concentration of fluff, personal musings, talk of mystical creatures, fanwork recs, many attempts to convert each other to media, conflicts between American and European spelling, gushing about music, thought experiments, capslock, and thoughtful commentary accompanied by potentially obnoxious animated gifs of celebrities fake crying.

Learn more about our project and us as individuals by visiting our resource page.

The Four Tenets of Lady Business
1. Stories by ladies about ladies.
2. Stories by ladies about men.
3. Stories by men about ladies.
4. Stories by men about men.

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CAPSLOCK, all the fictional women you hate, books, explosions, fancy literature, feelings, firebrand the feminist pony, fuck you she's awesome, having high standards, makeouts in space, nerdfighters, no wrong way to be a girl, overcoming feminist despair, reading, space adventures, ten thousand gallons of tea, tl;dr, words like you would not believe,
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