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One of my first posts here at Lady Business was a list of some of my favourite ladies in music or lady-fronted band. What I said then about the imbalance of my music listening habits is still true now, unfortunately, though I have discovered some wonderful girl-centric bands in the past year. And just recently Renay was asking me for music recommendations, which is what gave me the idea for this post.

I’m not very good at analysing music – it might be a matter of practice, but I often feel like I lack the vocabulary to write at length about music like I do about books (and more recently TV, with the encouragement of my partners in crime here at LB). Blessing all the Birds, the wonderful Joanna Newsom tumblr I discovered recently, has been giving me all sorts of ideas for possible future music-centric posts, but it might be a while before I feel comfortable trying my hand at one.

In the meantime, considering this another instalment of my small musical show and tell:

  • The wonderful Sharon Van Etten has just released a new album, Tramp, which I’m completely in love with. The album was produced by Aaron Dessner of The National, and I think fans of their music are also likely to really enjoy this. I’m sharing a track from the new album below, but my favourite of her songs is still the brilliant and heartbreaking Love More, which closes her 2010 album Epic.

  • First Aid Kit are a lovely folksy duo from Sweden who have album just released a new album. They seem to get compared to Laura Marling a lot, though Adele’s very wise comment “we’re a gender, not a genre” comes to mind whenever I read those things. Watch the video for The Lion's Roar:

  • Hospitality: I feel bad that I already used the phrase “like a female-fronted Belle and Sebastian” when trying to sell Allo Darlin’ to Jodie, because it kind of also applies here. Just saying.

  • Shannon Wright: An American singer-songwriter who has been around for ages and never seems to get as much attention as she deserves. I’ve lost track of her most recent releases, but her 1999 album Flightsafety is a big favourite of mine. I love this song SO MUCH. So much.

  • Nina Nastasia: As above, only replace the album title with Dogs. Here's my favourite track, Stormy Weather.

  • Amanda Applewood: A frequent collaborator of the indie pop band The Boy Least Likely To who released her first album in 2010. Her song Still Smiling may not be that upbeat once you get beyond the surface, but still it never fails to make me happy. You can listen to it at Myspace.

    EDIT TO ADD: I have just found out that Amanda Applewood is the same person as Eva Rice, author of The Lost Art of Keeping Secrets. My mind is kind of blown.

That’s all I’ve got for today, but if you have any recommendations of your own I’d really love to hear them.

Date: 2012-02-15 07:00 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] myfriendamy
I think it's worth a lot. And I look forward to it.


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